Cloning Blog Carnival

I read an article recently about human cloning and I thought it was an intriguing topic. The topic is very new to me so I wanted to find more blogs relating to cloning and create a Blog Carnival:

This five blog posts cover most of the areas regarding cloning, scientifically, ethically, and politically. However, these next blog posts can give more detailed information regarding cloning and its effects in our world today.

Overall, after reading these blog posts about cloning, my feelings are mixed. I understand why people are objecting to the whole idea of cloning but I also understand where the scientists are coming from. Ethically, it is understood that cloning humans is not correct and it might turn into producing or manufacturing people. However, based on what scientists are saying, cloning can be very beneficial focusing on health. I don’t have a firm opinion on this topic and I just wanted to learn more about it and get a better understanding for the topic as a whole.

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