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After our assignment on cancer this past week, I have wanted to know more. Watching this TED talk about Eva’s new discovery my me open my eyes to new sometimes far-fetched ideas are the best one. You don’t get anywhere, especially in science, by staying quiet and sticking to the rulebook. Cancer has intrigued me and this past assignment has left me wanting to know more about potential progress to the curing of cancer.

In Eva’s discussion she explained how one day there may be a potential of using cancer cells (by manipulating them the right way) to treat other diseases, such as Alzheimer. Eva talks about how cancer doesn’t grow in skeletal muscle. Therefor there must be something imbedded in skeletal muscle that stops the uncontrollable growth of a cancer cell. It seems that when you have damage on an organ that it can easily fall to be infected with cancer, but she inquires “ Why is it then, when you injure a muscle it does become prone to cancer?” The way she describes cancer in a skeletal muscle is “ The tumor is like a pinpoint, it is not harmful and does not spread.” The most deadly part about cancer is that it is not localized. The cancer metastasizes to other parts of the body through the blood, but does not metastasize to skeletal muscles. It seems to me that when cancer is inside of a skeletal muscle that the growth and reproduction is controlled.

Cancer is a very complex but also very interesting topic. Being able to learn and potentially be able to save millions of lives makes me even more interested. This video is a great follow up on our previous learning’s about cancer and what it is. It is amazing to me that something we are all afraid of can potential be the difference between life and death.

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