“Junk Genes” Leading to Cancer

Trash and junk is not the first words that come to your mind when talking about DNA and Genes it usually is your parents because they are the ones who gave you these genes and DNA. Our genes in our body come kind of in three ways one is normal, one has no real function or hasn’t been found, and third is mutated, but now we have found that the genes that have no function have lead to developing cancer.

Junk genes or non coding DNA as referred to, is DNA that hasn’t been transcribed yet. Genes are defined sections of DNA encoding different types of proteins. A DNA molecule goes through the cell cycle, then which it goes through transcription where the DNA molecule is fit to a certain function which it performs in the organism. Most DNA is used to regulate the genes’ production of proteins, but the bulk of the DNA is considered to lack any purpose and is often referred to as “Junk DNA”. Most of us believed that at one time evolution played its role to get rid of this unused DNA, but we find know that there tons of junk DNA that is still present in the human body. But within the junk DNA there are so-called pseudogenes. Pseudogenes are considered to be non functional genes, which are believed to be gene remnants that lost their function during evolution of humans.

In 2012 the lab found that over ¾ of our DNA serves some kind of purpose, but the rest was still unknown because the limit on technology. But today by using new analysis method researchers at Karolinska Institute and Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab), have confirmed that the pseudogenes that had no function in the human body are linked to causing cancer.

With this new method it is now possible to track down 98% of the human genome with accuracy, something till now had cost upwards of billions of dollars find a way to break the genome. By the way they can sensitize your individual genome now a day you could easily find out what kinds of mutations that are on your genome and also find out what junk genes are linked to the cancer DNA trait. The group of (SciLifeLab) is now trying to synthesize ways they can disable that gene by drugs or other methods which are being worked on. If we were to find the genome and devise a drug treatment plan it is said to lower or even take away risks of getting cancer, but it is still difficult to tell because our technology is still limited, so genome coding still takes a good amount of time to do, also it is still very expensive.

If genomic coding becomes more and more acceptable to the common people and also becomes more and more efficient with its decoding method I believe everyone in the world should have a chance to get their genome decoded and be able to know if they are in risk of getting cancer, from their genes that are known as “junk genes.”

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