Pescetarian Problems

While doing the “Inside Cancer” worksheet this week, I discovered that high consumption of red meat can lead to increased risk of prostate cancer. Why? According to the website, Western society’s diet of high protein and low fibre affects this growing rate directly. Specifically, the way meat is cooked, such as grilling or frying, can release toxins and cause genes to mutate. When the cell performs mitosis, the parent cell will transfer its DNA to its daughter cells along with the imperfect gene that inactivates controlled cell division. Eventually, a tumor will form because of the accumulation of cancer cells and may spread to other body parts if not treated quickly.

Luckily, since I am a female, I have no chance of ever developing prostate cancer. But, another possible reason why cancer(in general) is less likely to happen to me is because I don’t eat meat. Well, mammal or avian meat particularly. I still consume all the critters from the sea and eggs and vegetable and delicious processed snack foods of the Earth but I don’t eat cows, chickens, dogs, or pigs.

Don’t look at me like I’m an alien just because I’ve forsaken beloved bacon delicacy…I feel bad for Babe.

Although my diet is based on moral grounds, learning about an effect of the prohibited product can help me next time when my parents offer me a tempting piece of lechon (they still disapprove of this new way of eating, they think it’ll stunt my growth). I know other factors such as amount of exercise, exposure to toxic substances, and other dietary habits can affect the likeliness of a disease to happen but most are, fortunately, preventable and curable. Leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle is key and this assignment has reminded me how important that is.

To recover from my definitely unhealthy way of consuming copious amounts of candy this Halloween; I will be hunting for the mythical tofu turkey complete with stuffing this Thanksgiving. It has plenty of nutrition and will be baked reducing the risk of harmful carcinogens.

Wish me luck.

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