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Can a Human Gene Increase the Chance of Getting Infected By COVID-19?

The concept of genetics has always been of interest to me, especially the passing down of traits and alleles to future generations. Something that is really interesting is the genetic traits passed down that ideally predict the height of the … Keep Reading

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Frog Friday – Metamorphosis

The Life Cycle of a FrogImage from Wikimedia Commons

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Can There Be Two Mes?

There was a show I watched when I was younger called Gravity Falls. It was about two siblings who were in a mystical town and their magical adventures there. In one of the episodes, the main character put himself on … Keep Reading

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Celebration of the 3.5%

About 3.5% of all the births globally result in twins, and this includes two of my friends being born exactly today, February 19, who both do not wish their names to be mentioned (but I can hint that they both … Keep Reading

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Possibilities with CRISPR Cas9 Technology

What is DNA? We hear about DNA all the time but what really is it? DNA is the hereditary material in organisms. It is very important because it contains the instructions to make the proteins and molecules essential for growth, … Keep Reading

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Are Hearing Aids My Superpower?

Hearing loss has been something that has been in the back of my mind since I was five-years-old, when I was first diagnosed with it. I knew that sooner rather than later I would have to wear hearing aids, and … Keep Reading

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Lasting Love

Ring-tailed lemurs hugging each other with their tails. Image from Wikimedia Commons Do you know the remedy for a love that lasts a lifetime? Some might say that lemurs and voles have the answer. Both of these species mate for … Keep Reading

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How Genetics May Impact the Risk of Covid-19

Everyone remembers March 11th, 2020, as the day the world shutdown. Professional and collegiate sports canceled, flights and travel banned, the economy tanking, rumors of lockdowns, quarantines, and online school force school boards and government officials to make tough decisions … Keep Reading

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Caffeine: Friend or Foe?

Caffeine comes in many different forms, though normally we tend to get our fix through coffee, tea, energy drinks, and more. Millions of people across the world and in various situations depend on caffeine to give them an energy boost … Keep Reading

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Mammal Monday – You Go, Colugo!

Sunda Flying Lemur (Galeopterus variegatus)Image from Wikimedia Commons The Sunda Flying Lemur is also known as the “Colugo.” The video below demonstrates this species’ unique abilities.

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Frog Friday – Hiding Out

Edible Frog (Pelophylax esculentus)Image from Wikimedia Commons

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The Effects of Global Warming on Marine Life

While global warming is not a new concept, the effects of it, however, are still being discovered. All sorts of people, places and creatures are affected by it, some more than others. A major area of the world that is … Keep Reading

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Winged Wednesday – Red Postman

Red Postman (Heliconius erato)Image from Wikimedia Commons Read more about this species here.

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Abnormal Folding of DNA

Image from Wikimedia Commons One of the most vital substances to an organism is its genome in its DNA, which is often prone to mutations which can be harmless or have a devastating effect on the organism. An article detailing … Keep Reading

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