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Brain’s Cortex Evolved from a Lamprey-like Ancestor

A team of researchers conducted a study at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden on a lamprey brain which revealed that the cortex of our brain is over 500 million years old and revealed many new insights on brain evolution. As … Keep Reading

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How YOU Can Help Cure COVID-19

COVID-19 Outbreak Over the past few weeks, and likely to continue for the foreseeable future, I have been stuck at home due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Schools are closed until the end of the year, restaurants are only doing … Keep Reading

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Unit 6: Gene Expression and Regulation

Three useful Terms to know for this Unit Helicase: Helicase unwinds the DNA so replication can occur. This is the first step for DNA replication and it is a crucial step because if the two pieces of DNA strands are … Keep Reading

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The Coral-lation Between Algae and Coral Reefs

Image from Wikimedia Commons Humans have burned enormous amounts of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution, pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The ocean absorbs vast amounts of heat as a result of increased concentrations of greenhouse gases. The steady … Keep Reading

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Ichthyornis: The Bird with a Jaw

It’s weird to think that birds evolved from a group of carnivorous dinosaurs, but what if that really was the case? These dinosaurs are labeled as theropods, and one of the most famous examples of this subdivision is the Tyrannosaurus … Keep Reading

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An unfortunate pandemic had attacked our nations not long ago. Coronavirus, aka, COVID-19, first emerged in China at the beginning of the year, then has spread to nearly every country in the world like rapid fire. Why is the virus … Keep Reading

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From Tyrannosaurs to Parrots: Evolution of the Bird Brain

Image from Wikimedia Commons When people think about birds, “intelligent” is usually not the word that comes to mind. In fact, many dismiss modern-day avian families as clueless, fearful pests whose brains are not capable of functioning at the same … Keep Reading

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