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Coronavirus: A Solution?

As the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, continues to escalate its course among the human population, many people are wondering if there is a cure or vaccine in sight. In particular, one company based in San Diego, called Inovio Pharmaceuticals, … Keep Reading

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How Plastic Really Tricks Sea Turtles

Nearly everybody has heard of the ongoing issue between sea turtles and plastic pollution. Sea turtles mistake the plastic bags for jellyfish, right? A new and very recent study has proven that this hypothesis may be incorrect. The study, led by … Keep Reading

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Making Steps Towards the Use of Silver Ions in the Fight Against Superbugs

For centuries, researchers have known that silver ions possess antimicrobial properties. In the modern age, researchers are working to find ways to utilize these ions in the fight against superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics. In the past, the antimicrobial … Keep Reading

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The Dancing Star

When Einstein first talked about General Relativity he talked about how it predicts that bound orbits of one object around another are not closed, as in Newtonian Gravity, but process forwards in the plane of motion. We first saw general … Keep Reading

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How COVID-19 Developed From Nature

As the coronavirus has taken over our lives, it has become a main topic of conversation. Many people have their own ideas about the virus and there are many conspiracies surrounding it. One of the common conspiracies surrounding COVID-19 is … Keep Reading

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The Villain of our Diet

Image from Wikimedia Commons The average American diet is among the most sugar-filled in the world. According to an article on, “Americans eat 31 percent more packaged food than fresh food, and they consume more packaged food per person … Keep Reading

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Tigers of the Wild

In the midst of our social isolation many of us have been drawn into the documentary “Tiger King.” It shows us a group of people who are working to keep tigers in captivity, but why? Sadly, the population of tigers … Keep Reading

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Concerning COVID-19

2,006,513 have tested positive. At least 128,886 have died. These are the worldwide statistics measuring those affected by coronavirus, and these numbers will likely have risen by the time you read this post. It’s not a hoax, it’s not an … Keep Reading

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Mycelium: The Mysterious Matrix of Mushrooms

A mushroom’s structure and function is deceivingly simple at first sight. Its purpose in the environment is to recycle nutrients to a usable form back to a plant. However, there are many details in how exactly this happens. The role … Keep Reading

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Fuzziest Animal

Photo by Mitri K. There are many animals in our biosphere that are adorable and cute to see. Like I talked about in my last Bio Blog about the cute Quokkas, I now have found another true love for alpacas. … Keep Reading

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The Secret to a Long Life Is Matching Sex Chromosomes

When Jessie Gallan, who was 109 years, got asked about the secret to her long life, she replied “staying away from men.” This idea of matching sex chromosomes being the secret to a long life is not normally mentioned. When … Keep Reading

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Packrat Middens: Unpack the Past

Upon first glance, packrat middens may look like nothing more than conglomerations of mud and rock. However, there is more to these rodent nests than meets the eye. Middens are almost like time capsules. They provide scientists with a snapshot … Keep Reading

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Scientist Are Making Headway in the Search for a Vaccine

Scientists all over the world have been working against time to find a vaccine to fight Covid-19, after its start in China. One team led by Dr. Josef Penninger has found a drug that can stop early infection of the … Keep Reading

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New Bird-like Dinosaur Discovered in Amber

Many find it hard to believe that something as large and dangerous as a dinosaur walked the earth millions of years ago, but studies founded by many different archeologists and paleontologists prove that these giants walked the earth before humans … Keep Reading

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Stem Cell Injections May Help Repair Spinal Cord Injuries

Stem cells are specialized cells that are used throughout our body. They are mostly used during growth and development. They are also able to differentiate based on their environment. Scientists at UC San Diego School of Medicine are researching a … Keep Reading

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