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The Mystery of the Kraken!

Image from Wikimedia Commons The ocean is 70% of the surface area of the Earth and we have yet to discover more than 5% of the ocean. The ocean is a big mystery to the science community and the creatures … Keep Reading

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Can Thousand Year Old Chewing Gum Shed Light on the Lives of Our Ancestors?

Everyone knows the myth that claims that if you swallow a piece of your chewing gum, it will stay in your stomach for 7 years before you are able to digest it? What if I told you that researchers discovered … Keep Reading

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Unit 5 Exam – Wednesday, January 29th

Gregor Mendel from The Field Museum on Vimeo. The exam for Unit 5 will take place on Wednesday, January 29th. The Unit 5 Guided Reading Questions, Unit 5 Review Videos, Class Notes, and Genetics Problem Set are recommended study materials, … Keep Reading

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Weight Loss Supplements: Why They Aren’t All Bad

Obesity in America has become a life-threatening issue for millions of Americans, and a lifestyle-restricting factor for millions more. According to a poll done by the CDC, 40% of adults suffer from this disease, and it especially affects inner city … Keep Reading

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ExperimANTal Navigation System Modeled After Ants to Solve the Antics of Antsy Drivers

Image from Wikimedia Commons Defined by their antennae, mandibles, and six legs, there are around 15,000 discovered species of ants, but entomologists estimate that number is actually closer to 30,000. Each species comes in unique colors, sizes, and shapes. They … Keep Reading

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Sleeping Beauty? More Like Beauty Sleep.

Image from Wikimedia Commons In an article from Science News, biologists from the University of Manchester explain how a good night’s sleep is important and essential in preparing a person for the day ahead. But what does sleep specifically do … Keep Reading

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The Bees Knees

Image from Wikimedia Commons In the article by the University of California – Davis from science daily, A single gene for scent reception separates two species of orchid bees scientists performed a study that reveals new information on a specific … Keep Reading

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Three Terms

Image from Wikimedia Commons Throughout our recent unit over Meiosis, there have been many terms that have interested me. For example, nondisjunction is a term that caught my eye after discussing it as a class. In order to have a … Keep Reading

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Second Semester Bio-Blogging Sign Ups

All AP Biology students will be completing the Bio-Blogging Assignment again this semester. Two students per class per week will provide their biologically-related insights to help the rest of us to build up our #biostreetcred. You can now sign up … Keep Reading

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Unit 5 Review Videos

The following videos from Mr. Andersen will help you learn about meiosis and the patterns of inheritance, the major topics of Unit 5. Check out Mr. Andersen’s “bozemanbiology” channel on YouTube for more.

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Is Meat Healthy for Humans to Consume?

One of the most interesting debates in the health and fitness industry is what kind of food is the best for our body. Many people disagree on what is best and there is nothing fiercer than an argument between a … Keep Reading

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