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An EGGcelent Discovery in the Process of Fertilization for Humans

Back in middle school when we took our first course of biology in 7th grade, we were taught about sexual reproduction and how it functioned. We were told that the sperm plays in active role in the process of fertilization … Keep Reading

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Ancient Penguins

Fossil records showed that sixty million years ago there were giant human-sized penguins that flew through the southern Hemisphere waters. Smaller forms of these penguins existed also like the ones today that live in Antarctica. The recently found penguin is … Keep Reading

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I Only Have 490 Words

Image from Wikimedia Commons For years, scientists have thought that microorganisms that use chlorophyll capture the majority of solar energy in the ocean. In the article Oceanic Bacteria Trap Vast Amounts of Light Without Chlorophyll, Abby Olena writes about a … Keep Reading

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Beautiful Happy Creature

Image from Wikimedia Commons There are tons of animals in our biosphere, but there is one animal that stands out the most to me that seems to be quite unfamiliar to some to recognize. It has the cutest face with … Keep Reading

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Save our Planet (Other than by retweeting Greta Thunberg)!

On September 23 at the 2019 Climate Action Summit, young climate activist, Greta Thunberg, delivered an emotional speech calling out “baby-boomer bureaucrats ” as the cause for the looming climate crisis. She was met by enormous support from the younger … Keep Reading

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Is Cancer DONe For?

Amidst our modern world we are constantly reaching for new cures for incurable diseases and new treatments for conditions without treatments. While humans have successfully counted most of the illnesses that once plagued our pre-modern ancestors, we have yet to … Keep Reading

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Why People Get Goosebumps

I’m sure many have wondered why people get goosebumps. There are many things that play into people getting them. You could get them from being very cold, when something dramatic happens that makes you get the chills, but the most … Keep Reading

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New Study Demonstrates That Humans Can Implant Memories for Speech Into Our Brains

A new songbird study demonstrates that memories can be implanted in the brain to teach vocalizations without any lessons.  This is vital to the way people can be taught new words.  Humans have to be taught the word through syllables … Keep Reading

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Let’s Get a Closer Look Into What Cancer Really Is…

In 2018, it was documented that cancer was the second leading cause of death worldwide. Cancer was responsible for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018 and globally, about 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer. This disease is … Keep Reading

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New and Efficient Method of Developing Protein Therapeutics

Effective therapeutics have been a large component of creating a healthier world population. Medications, such as insulin, developed from therapeutic proteins are essential to the health and safety of many throughout the nation and the world. Many of these medications … Keep Reading

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Is Apoptosis the Cure to Cancer?

Throughout time, cancer has been proven to be the most puzzling disease for scientists and physicians to figure out. Again and again, cancer has been found to be almost unstoppable as it spreads rapidly throughout the body. However, apoptosis, otherwise … Keep Reading

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Unit 4 Exam – Monday, December 9th & Tuesday, December 10th

The Unit 4 Exam will take place on December 9th & 10th. The exam will take place on two traditional days, so the Multiple Choice section of the exam will be on Monday and the Free Response section will be … Keep Reading

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Evolution of the Mitochondria and Chloroplasts

Millions of years ago, there were two prokaryotic friends living harmoniously together. Jerry was photosynthetic, which means he could make his own food with energy from the sun. His best friend Bobby could use oxygen from the air and take … Keep Reading

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