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Benefits of Cloning

Appearing on many movie scenes, news headlines, and mass media platforms, cloning technology has been a relevant subject to the society ever since it was introduced to mankind in 1938. Cloning brought different perspectives regarding science and inaugurated revolutionary conceptions … Keep Reading

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Title Requested

Stress is something that many people face every day. The way that stresses are brought onto a person can be caused in a variety of ways. Stress can be caused from jobs, school, family issues and relationships. The struggle that … Keep Reading

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Purifying Properties of Plants?

In recent years, a surge of indoor potted plants has popped up all over the US, a new trendy, fun, and healthy hobby to improve one’s quality of life. Succulents, ferns, cacti and more are used and advertised as a … Keep Reading

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How A Change In Diet Could Be All It Takes To Prevent The Flu

As you are lying in bed with a high fever and body aches from the flu just imagine that a simple change in diet could have prevented you from getting sick in the first place. This diet is called the … Keep Reading

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Unit 4 Review Videos

Here’s a set of Mr. Andersen’s review videos that will help you learn about cell communication, cell cycle, mitosis and development. These are the major topics of Unit 4. Here’s an extra video, just for fun.   Check out Mr. … Keep Reading

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Psychedelics: How They Work and Their Effect on the Human Brain

In the past century, many psychedelic compounds have been prohibited & more strongly monitored by major world powers. In the latter half of the twentieth in the United States, for example, the war on drugs began culminating with the Controlled … Keep Reading

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Mind Over Matter – The Unharnessed Powers of Your Brain (Blog Carnival)

What lies at the crossroads of Biology and Psychology? Definitely more than a 4-way stop. Let’s explore the broad field of brain sciences through a choose-your-own-adventure carnival of fascinating information. Introversion is biological according to psychology professor Katy Redd. … Keep Reading

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Experts Unlock Key to Photosynthesis

A study, originally published in the journal Nature and led by the University of Sheffield and discussed in the article linked below, reports the discovery of the intricate structure of cytochrome b6f. Cytochrome b6f is the protein complex that greatly … Keep Reading

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Ribosomal DNA: The Biological Clock

There are many different ways to measure age among organisms, the most common of which are birthdays, which measure chronological age. However, another type of age, called biological age, is much more important to study within the scientific community because … Keep Reading

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Leaf On Me…

The law of competition between organisms is one that has been fundamental to biology. Organisms must fend for themselves in their natural environments in order to survive. However, new studies have revealed that mature, grown plants may help smaller plants … Keep Reading

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Synthetic Photosynthesis Could Save The World From Climate Change

Scientist Fernando Uribe-Romo has found a way to stimulate a synthetic process similar to photosynthesis that uses light and carbon dioxide greenhouse gases in order to produce solar energy and clean air. The process Uribe-Romo and his team discovered is … Keep Reading

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The Power of Cytochrome b6f

Image from Wikimedia Commons On November 13, a group of researchers at the University of Sheffield “solved the structure of one of the key components of photosynthesis.” The structure, known as cytochrome b6f, is essential for plant growth via photosynthesis. … Keep Reading

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The Way LSD Interacts With The Brain

LSD (LySergic acid Diethylamide) is a synthetic psychedelic drug that affects the body and mind. Most often abused by young adults, this odorless substance causes hallucinations that can produce pleasurable or adverse reactions. These drug-induced experiences are known as “trips.” … Keep Reading

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Microbe Taming Mucus

Lined with over 200 square meters of mucus, our body systems use the substance as defense against certain bacteria and viruses. Mucus is produced from multiple parts of the body such as the mouth, throat, lungs, intestines, stomach, and the … Keep Reading

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Natural Short Sleep

Generations of a family claim members only needed less than six hours of rest to feel alert and awake the following day. Researchers were inspired by this family to look for a common biological thread between them. They found a … Keep Reading

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