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Cutting the Brakes

A recent discovery is shaking up how scientists study proteins – and it’s all due to mice. Most mice already travel impressive distances; they have been observed to travel over 10 kilometers in one night on an exercise wheel. However, … Keep Reading

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One Click Away From a New Organ

Image from Wikimedia Commons Imagine discovering that your kidneys are not functioning properly, and it is detrimental to receive a transplant as soon as possible. Instead of entering your name onto the dreadful organ donor waiting list, you can simply … Keep Reading

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Cancer Gets Karma

According to the National Cancer Institute In 2018 alone, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the United States and 609,640 people died from the disease. Cancer affects people from all walks of life. For years, scientists … Keep Reading

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Selective Membrane’s Selectivity

Take a deep breath. And exhale. You may not realize it, but millions of cells in your body just recognized the presence of oxygen and controlled the absorption and internal distribution of O2. One such example of the distribution is … Keep Reading

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Climate Change on Ecosystems

Earth’s polar caps quickly losing ice. Coral reefs bleaching to a chalky white. Stronger storms devastating islands and cities, claiming lives and destroying homes. Those aren’t claims of what our world faces in a warmer future. Those climate change impacts … Keep Reading

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New Protein Discovered in Plants That Protects from Excess Light

Image from Wikimedia Commons We know that plants require light in order to survive, but did you know there is such a thing as too much light in plants? Researchers at UCSF have recently discovered a protein in plant cells … Keep Reading

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The Effects of Viruses on DNA

Deoxyribose nucleic acid, or simply DNA, contains every genome that makes up an organism. However, out of the 3 billion nucleotides of the human genome, only 1.5% of the sequence forms the 20,000 genes that code for proteins. Retroviruses, which … Keep Reading

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Unlocking Your “Inner Salamander”

For years, elderly, ex sports players, and millions of people around the world are suffering from osteoarthritis. Many people deal with the pain and go through physical therapy, stretching, and a variety of pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, Corticosteroids, and Hyaluronic … Keep Reading

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Limb Regeneration in Appalachian Salamanders in Response to Climate Change

Image from Wikimedia Commons Several different kinds of species on our planet have incredible capabilities that allow them to adjust and evolve to remain suitable for specific environments and conditions. One such species is the Appalachian Salamander. These amphibians have … Keep Reading

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Current Event Blog Post

An assistant professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering named Adam Smith, and his team of researchers examined samples from groundwater aquifers and a well-known groundwater treatment facility in Southern California to find differences in ARG concentrations. They discovered that the … Keep Reading

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Making It Past Infant Years

Image from Wikimedia Commons In recent years, mothers and fathers have been more worried than ever about the health of their newborn babies. This newly found worry comes from the increased chances of a baby, that is less than 8 … Keep Reading

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New Discoveries in Extracting DNA From Hair

For years crime tv shows have shown DNA being drawn from hair follicles and used to find criminals, however DNA can only be pulled from the hair follicle if the root is still attached. Recently though, paleogeneticist Ed Green has … Keep Reading

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Plants Deriving Own Nutrients Through Root Hairs

Most plants flourish based on the conditions of the environment around them and the soil’s richness that helps provide them with many nutrients and materials needed to survive through harsh conditions. A new, recent discovery of a shrub growing in … Keep Reading

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Mother Knows Best … For Frogs That Is

Strawberry Poison Dart Frog (Oophaga pumilio)Image from Wikimedia Commons The Strawberry Poison Dart Frog is found in the region of Panama called Bocas Del Toro. Due to the formation of islands on the archipelago from a rise in water level … Keep Reading

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New Technology Helps Test for Malnutrition in Children

Testing for life-threatening nutrient deficiencies should be available for anyone who needs it and can help others. Many aid workers in remote villages need to prick a toddler’s fingertip because they are sick. When the child is sick, the blood … Keep Reading

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