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Cannibalistic tadpoles are a big part of the ecosystem although you may have never heard of them. Research has proven that cannibalistic tadpoles and matricidal worms assist with evolution. These tadpoles normally ate algae and crustaceans, but they were observed … Keep Reading

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Worms Can Get PTSD… Enough Said.

Humans and worms have very little in common; ranging from differing complexity in our genome sequences to the physiology of the two animals, there seems to be nothing of note that we share. Even from a behavioral standpoint, we are … Keep Reading

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Three Terms Essential to Biology

Now at the conclusion of my biology career at Northwest, I can finally attest to the “three terms” that have been especially significant throughout this course. I am choosing words that are important to understanding certain biological concepts, but also … Keep Reading

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How Can Parasitic Worms Enhance the Ecosystem?

Nematodes which live inside horned passalus beetles which can benefits both of them. Although Nematodes are parasitic and they feed of on the beetles’ hemolymph, which is basically the insects’ blood, and will eventually suck up all of the beetles … Keep Reading

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Narwhals and Their Quest to be Different (Or Not)

Image from Wikimedia Commons Narwhals are (in my opinion) are one of the most interesting marine species there is. Male narwhals have an enlarged tooth that appears to be a tusk on front of their head making them look as … Keep Reading

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Genome Editing Gives Terror Groups a Powerful New Tool

When you hear the word terrorist, you may imagine bombs, maniacal suicide attackers, or violent hate groups. While all this may be true, recent scientific advances have allowed terror organizations to expand their arsenal of weapons. James Clapper, US Director … Keep Reading

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You’re Not Going to Beleaf This Again

Image from Wikimedia Commons Every year in the fall trees shed their leaves, for what purpose? you ask well they cut off the nutrients flowing into the leaves in order to cut back on how much water and nutrients they … Keep Reading

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Why is Evolution So Important for Life on Earth?

Thesis: Evolution is the most fundamentally important force in Biology. One of the big ideas of AP Biology and life itself when looking at it from a learning perspective is the idea of evolution. Evolution is so complex and important … Keep Reading

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Where’d the Blue Indi-go?

Image from Wikimedia Commons There is a color rarely found in living things that many usually associate with nature. We see it in the sky and the ocean, but not much else. Only a handful of animals are predominantly blue, … Keep Reading

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