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Vaccine “Vacation”

Image from Wikimedia Commons The anti-vaccine movement has caught the public’s’ eye with the recent outbreak of measles with the CDC reporting 626 individual cases spread amongst 22 states from the start of 2019. According to the CDC, “This is … Keep Reading

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Rainbow Finches Around the World

Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae)Image from Wikimedia Commons Many people are familiar with Darwin’s theory of natural selection, and his studies of Finches in the Galapagos. However, one thing that still remains unknown as to how and why it is related … Keep Reading

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Can’t Stop Eating

Have you ever wondered why we are so often tempted to keep eating really tasty food, despite our basic energy needs being met? We have all knowingly had too much of a snack that we know is most likely unhealthy. … Keep Reading

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The Key To a Brew-tiful Life

Image from Wikimedia Commons Coffee has been integrated into the daily lives of many people. Some rely on coffee for their every day motivation, while others enjoy a cup every once in a while. Though, many are unaware of exactly … Keep Reading

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Why is the Water Glowing?

A couple years back my family and I were fortunate enough to take a trip to Costa Rica. While we were there, we explored a vast amount of the rainforest as well as the excellent beaches. On one particular night, … Keep Reading

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Unit 9 Open Note Exam – Wednesday & Thursday, April 24th-25th

Images from Wikimedia Commons The exam for Unit 9 will take place on Wednesday, April 24th & Thursday, April 25th. The exam will be open note, meaning that you will be allowed to use any relevant handouts, note packets, and … Keep Reading

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The Genetics of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a very physical disease- it’s symptoms are caused by the buildup of proteins in the brain, and you can see the degeneration of the brain when Alzheimer’s affects it. These proteins can be divided into amyloid plaques … Keep Reading

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What’s Up, Cuzz?

While most would think that a story talking about the discovery of your long lost cousin’s remains in the Philippines would be straight from an episode of CSI, it’s becoming huge scientific news overnight.  The recent discovery of seven teeth … Keep Reading

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Having a BLAST with Neoblasts

At the Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies, I have been researching a flatworm species (or planarian species) called Dugesia dorotocephala. With this species, I have been analyzing some of the special features of planaria, including planarian stem cells … Keep Reading

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The History of HIV/AIDS and Its Status Today

Pretty recently, I was sick with the common cold. Nothing to write home about, but it got me thinking about other types of sicknesses that plague the world. In particular, one that stood out from the crowd that shook the … Keep Reading

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Kermit Doesn’t Lichen This Fungi…

Red-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)Image from Wikimedia Commons Amphibians are often considered one of the most diverse and unique organisms on the planet. Often found in tropical climates, amphibians tend to live near water or in moist, humid conditions, even … Keep Reading

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The Future of Muscle Cell Therapy

As people age, their muscles tissue deteriorates. A possible solution to this problem would be physical activity such as lifting weights which would keep muscle tissue in shape. Around 50,000 people in the United States of America suffer from a … Keep Reading

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I Can Be a Real Fungi!

In AP Biology, we have started talking about fungi. Fungi are eukaryotic organisms that can be unicellular or very complex multicellular organisms. They are found in almost any habitat or ecosystem and have a variety of effects on the other … Keep Reading

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You Can Be Whatever You Wanna Be

The modern utilization of Stem cells is becoming more prevalent as it is researched for various purposes that require repairing of cells and the reproduction of these repaired cells. Stem cells are cells that have the ability to grow into … Keep Reading

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How 65 Roses Can Change Us

About two weeks ago, I wanted to watch a movie with my friends. The movie that we decided to watch was “Five Feet Apart.” If you have not seen the movie, it is about two patients that stay in the … Keep Reading

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