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AP Biology Exam Review Session Resource List

Resources shared by Mr. Mohn during the AP Biology Exam Review Sessions will be posted below. Session 1: Thursday, March 21st Session 2: Thursday, March 28th Session 3: Thursday, April 4th Session 4: Thursday, April 11th Session 5: Thursday, April … Keep Reading

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An UnFROGettable Discovery

There are about 4,740 different species of frogs, and recently, a new species has been found, the Starry Dwarf Frog. Found in the Western Ghats, a tropical forest in India, this new species of frogs has no close relatives currently … Keep Reading

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Thoughts on Weight Loss and Metabolism

Image from Wikimedia Commons Many experts say that losing weight is very much a possible goal if you exercise a lot and eat less. However, UCLA researchers report that “people on diets typically lose 5-10% of their starting weight in … Keep Reading

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It’s So Funny I Forgot to Laugh

Image from Wikimedia Commons There is no denying that a baby is adorable, but even cuter than the baby itself are its giggles. But the delightfulness of hearing a baby laugh becomes milder as a baby grows older and even … Keep Reading

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Unit 9 Review Videos

The videos below provide a comprehensive review of the material from Unit 9. Enjoy!

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Unit 8 Exam – Wednesday & Thursday, March 20th-21st

The exam for Unit 8 will take place in class on Wednesday (Free Response) and Thursday (Multiple Choice) of this week. Both days are scheduled as traditional days. The Unit 8 Guided Reading Questions, the Unit 8 Review Videos, the … Keep Reading

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We Are Home, Thanks to Diatoms

When one thinks of the oxygen in our atmosphere, the most likely considered sources are trees, right? In reality, marine plants produce 70-80 percent of the oxygen found in our atmosphere, through photosynthesis. One of the most fascinating creatures found … Keep Reading

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Feeling Scent-imental?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Odors and smells play a large part in an individual’s life. From smelly stickers to aromatic dishes, odors heavily impact a person’s interaction with their environment. Digital smell technology is the latest technology being developed. Researchers … Keep Reading

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Out of This World

Image from Wikimedia Commons

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A Sticky Story on Spider’s Silk

It’s a common phrase a lot of people have probably heard: “spider’s silk, by weight, is stronger than steel!” However, there is a lot of information missing from that phrase that can lead a lot of people to believe the … Keep Reading

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The Fishy Truth About Human’s Similarities to Dolphins 

Image from flickr As strange as it may seem, humans are much more similar to dolphins than what meets the eye. With all this talk of evolution in class, I set out for this blog to uncover the strange similarities … Keep Reading

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The Antarctic King

Image from Wikimedia Commons When most people imagine Antarctica, they think of subzero temperatures, extensive glaciers, and vast amounts of pure, white snow. A new fossil found in Antarctica seems to show how different life millions of year ago was. … Keep Reading

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