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Title Requested

Image from Wikimedia Commons It is not often that a flower smells similar to rotting flesh, but for the Rafflesia arnoldii this phenomenon is a crucial construct of pollination. The Rafflesia arnoldii, widely known as  the “corpse lily,” and the … Keep Reading

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U. hutchisoni: U. need to hear about this species

For as long as I can remember I have loved learning about many ancient species including dinosaurs and early mammals. For some reason the past has always intrigued me, and the idea of the various life forms that existed within … Keep Reading

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Zombies in Real Life?

Zombies! These “undead”, flesh-eating creatures became iconic in pop culture, making their way into books and films, and dominating the horror and fantasy genres. Even though it has not happened yet, there is much speculation whether such a parasite can … Keep Reading

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Tissue Regeneration

Image from Wikimedia Commons Tissue engineering is quite an interesting concept. Tissue engineering is the creation of artificial replacement for tissue, and/or the development of biological supplements that enhance, restore, or maintain tissue function. This process was derived from biomaterials. … Keep Reading

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Biology in YOUR Life

Image from Wikimedia Commons It is very easy to become lost in the massive field of biology when learning, especially when learning at the level we have been. Learning about extremely in-depth topics like cellular respiration and protein synthesis are … Keep Reading

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Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

Image from Wikimedia Commons Over the many decades, sleep deprivation has been a major problem within humans, especially for teenagers because their minds are still developing and is essential for school studies and extracurricular activities.  The lack of sleep has … Keep Reading

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The Implications of the Opioid Crisis

Image from Wikimedia Commons The news today publish thousands to articles each day. It can be hard to keep up with everything, but something that has been stressed in the news lately is the opioid crisis. If this is the … Keep Reading

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Three Essential Terms for Understanding Evolution

Evolution is a broad topic; therefore, it is hard to decide on just three terms that are necessary for understanding the process of organisms development. These are the three that I believe are most essential in order to be able … Keep Reading

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Feeling Sad Because of SAD

Image from Wikimedia Commons Have you noticed yourself feeling very sad and lonely lately? Maybe you have felt anxious or moody? Or maybe you have just felt very fatigued and depressed? If you or a loved one is experiencing any … Keep Reading

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DNA Is So Retro

In the mid-2000s, scientist David Markovitz studied the blood of people infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency viruses) that weakens the immune system. HIV essentially allows the organism infected to become more susceptible to various pathogens. Though it was not surprising … Keep Reading

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Humans vs. Primates: Ready, Set, Go

In biology class recently, we have began discussing the mysteries and intricacies of evolution. However, in order to fully understand human evolution, we must understand why we are different than the other nonhuman primates around us. What in our brain … Keep Reading

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The Price of Cuteness

In this increasingly human-dominated world, the traits that people favor are often even more important to a species’ survival than the traits needed in nature. Modern dogs

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It’s in the Genes

Alzheimer’s Disease is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that causes problems in memory, thinking, and behavior. In most cases, symptoms usually develop slowly and worsen over time, ultimately causing interference with daily tasks. As of today, Alzheimer’s has no cure, but … Keep Reading

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Cancer-Fighting Cancer Cells?

Since the discovery of DNA as genetic material, scientists have taken aim at developing and using different DNA tools to manipulate genes of organism for several beneficial and practical purposes. We’ve learned about the different mechanisms that play into this … Keep Reading

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DNA Solves Crimes

Image from Wikimedia Commons You see it on television shows all the time. Someone commits a crime, such as murder or kidnapping, and the police use their DNA to solve the case. Except, this isn’t always the case. Most times, … Keep Reading

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