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Can I Turn My Urine Into a Heart?

Heart attacks are considered one of the most fatal problems facing the United States currently; according to the CDC, about 610,000 people die from heart attacks a year. Furthermore, heart attacks are responsible for more than half of the deaths … Keep Reading

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No Mutation in This Nation (Or Any Others Really)

Quite nicely paired with current classwork, a new study has shed light on the human mutation rate. Genetic mutations are instrumental in the evolution of species. This has been the case since the beginning of all organisms. Those individuals of … Keep Reading

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It’s all part of the sySTEM

Image from Wikimedia Commons We’ve all learned about how neurons are not able to regenerate in our brains, meaning that the neurons we are born with, we have to protect and preserve throughout our lives. Well soon this might not … Keep Reading

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Designer Genes

Recently, we have begun to learn about various DNA technologies that were developed in the past few decades, such as recombinant DNA technology, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), and Gel Electrophoresis. Many of these technologies allow for gene editing: the addition, … Keep Reading

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Genetically Wired to Love Us

Image from Wikimedia Commons It’s no secret that our lovable domesticated dogs are descendant from wolves thousands of years ago, but how did they get this way? Instead of attacking humans, our furry friends snuggle on the couch with us … Keep Reading

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Just WEIGHT till you hear about this!

Image from Wikimedia Commons The most common New Year’s Resolution: exercising more, has known benefits to your body’s exterior. What is not as known however, is the effect exercise has on your neurological health. With 1 out of every 5 … Keep Reading

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It’s Not Just a Phage, Mom

Image from Wikimedia Commons Modern medicine relies heavily on treating bacterial infections of the body with antibiotics. An antibiotic is a substance that specifically targets bacteria, killing microbial cells. Technology has allowed us to produce these antibiotics in laboratories to … Keep Reading

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Mom vs Alarm

Image from Wikimedia Commons Smoke alarms are are really loud and annoying to listen to. It’s obviously made that way to wake us up and be prepared for fire. Still many people especially kids sleep through smoke alarms which can … Keep Reading

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Preventing Blindness for Diabetics

Diabetes is a devastating disease that affects nearly 31 million Americans along with another 84 million people with prediabetes. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death is the United States and can bring other problems such as diabetic retinopathy. … Keep Reading

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Hey! Your FLY is … up?

Picture this, you are riding down the steepest hill in town on your new bike you got over the holidays. All of your friends are waiting at the bottom and are marveling at your new ride. You glide down efficiently … Keep Reading

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Unit 6 Review Videos

The following videos from Mr. Andersen will help you learn about DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, viral reproduction, bacterial gene regulation, eukaryotic genomes and biotechnology, the major topics of Unit 6. Check out Mr. Andersen’s “bozemanbiology” channel on YouTube for more.

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