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“Reproduction Is Out of This World, Not Really Though”

Image from Wikimedia Commons The idea of colonizing other planets has always been one that intrigued me. While watching the movie Apollo 13, these ideas led to a very intriguing question. If humans had no way to live, or in … Keep Reading

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ExtraCELLular Immune System

When you get sick, your body’s immune system springs into action to fight off any sickness you have. Special cells called white blood cells are constantly fighting off any virus or infection to keep the body safe. When you have … Keep Reading

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The 20th Century Witch Hunt

The advancement of science is often considered the antibiotic that cures superstition. Yet historically, this is not always the case. The eugenic movement of the early 1900s is such an example, which went horribly wrong despite its noble goals of … Keep Reading

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Death Is In Our Own Hands

Take a look around you. What do you see? Odds are, there is bacteria on it. Bacteria can live anywhere, including soil, the ocean, inside the human body, and many more places that you would not expect. Bacteria can survive … Keep Reading

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Wolves in a Dire Situation

Image from Wikimedia Commons As with every warm-blooded American with cable TV and HBO, I love Game of Thrones and the fantasy world it occupies.  In the skies of Winterfell in northern Westeros, banners displaying the Sigil of House Stark … Keep Reading

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Polo Wars: Attack of the Clones

Clones: Many people when they hear the word think of Star Wars and the clones in the prequels. The clones in polo are a little different. As the clones in polo are fighting it is not a intergalactic war that … Keep Reading

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Armadill-Dumbfounded: The History and Migration of The Nine-Banded Armadillo

Nine-banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus)Image from Wikimedia Commons If you are like me, you have probably noticed an influx of Armadillos from seemingly nowhere. Unfortunately, unless you go deliberately looking for one, odds are you will see one as roadkill, mostly … Keep Reading

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Genes and Behavior: Is It In Our Nature?

Image from Wikimedia Commons A while ago, in Psychology class, our teacher’s daily lecture was on the classic psychological debate of Nature versus Nurture.  Do our genes impact our personality or are we an Aristotelian tabula rasa, or blank slate? … Keep Reading

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I’ve Lost My Contacts…Literally

One of the distinguishing characteristics between our Generation Z and the previous generations is the use of technology in our daily lives. It seems to be increasingly likely that teenagers are increasingly reliant on our cellular devices, to the point … Keep Reading

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How Cool Is Cryotherapy?

There are many different forms of therapy that help people recover from injuries and reduce inflammation in certain areas. Athletes are even trying to use different forms of therapy in order to help recover and prepare for the next game … Keep Reading

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