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Darwin’s Finches Mystery Solved

Since freshman biology, I have been interested in Charles Darwin’s study of the finches. It has interested me in how different sizes in beaks have been caused by natural selection and how that was prominent in society. However, I always have wondered whether something else other than natural selection creates the diversity of finches … Keep Reading

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Pigs Are More Than Bacon

Image from Public Domain There are thousands of people who are in desire need of an organ transplant but are stuck on a long waitlist with everyone else in the nation. According to U.S. federal figures, about 20 people die … Keep Reading

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Water You Talking About?

I was sitting quietly in class after lunch, waiting for my teacher to begin a video. Taking a sip from my water bottle, I reread the label taped around the plastic. Most of the statements were familiar, from the purified … Keep Reading

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It’s A Trap… A Baby Trap!

Image from Wikimedia Commons Soft skin, chubby cheeks, pure giggles, and cartoon eyes. All baby creatures are cute and small. Their big, round eyes draw us in closer and closer until we just want to gift the infant with an … Keep Reading

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Does It Really Suck to Suck?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Recently the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology has discovered benefits to a certain way of cleaning child pacifiers. A pacifier has traditionally been a plastic or rubber substitute used to calm babies. Previously, scientists … Keep Reading

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Do Our Furry Friends Understand Us?

Image from Wikimedia Commons I come home after school everyday to find my dogs sitting next to the garage door. As soon as I open the door, they immediately knock me to the floor. Giving me kisses and love. My … Keep Reading

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Masters of Disguise

Caterpillars are faced with a tremendous task as their only goal is to nourish themselves to the point where they can fully develop as a butterfly or moth. As caterpillars find food to sustain themselves as they are growing, they … Keep Reading

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How Alcohol Affects Teenagers

Image from Wikimedia Commons During high school is when most teenagers and young adults begin experimenting with alcohol. Peer pressure and the overwhelming amount of exposure to alcohol at a young age leads teenagers to start drinking very early in … Keep Reading

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Mutations Aren’t What They Seem

What is a mutation? Mutation occurs when a DNA gene is damaged or changed in a way that alters the genetic message. Mutations can be either harmful or helpful. It can be harmful because of genetic disorders or cancers, but … Keep Reading

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The Bee Blog

Ever since I saw “The Bee Movie”, and probably before, I had known that bees die when they sting someone. But what I never thought to consider was why. It doesn’t really make much sense- why would they evolve a … Keep Reading

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The Dirt on Drugs

Image from Wikimedia Commons Although there are many antibiotics available, infectious diseases are still a leading cause of death worldwide. Some of the antibiotics are not able to cure the disease due to mutations in the infectious microbe. Scientists have … Keep Reading

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Joint Effort: Scientists Work to Discover if Medical Marijuana Works, or if Doctors are Just Blowing Smoke

Image from Wikimedia Commons Medical Marijuana refers to the use of Cannabis to treat symptoms of illness or other physical and mental disabilities. Despite recent adoption of the drug as a means of medicating in many US states, it is … Keep Reading

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The Cunning Common Cold

Our immune systems have been provoked by the common cold for thousands of years, and the pharmaceutical industry has been no match. The diversity and resilience of the sickness makes it almost impossible to develop a single vaccination or cure. … Keep Reading

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Plastic Products Pollute Pacific

Image from Wikimedia Commons In the present day, plastic has become a crutch humans unknowingly rely on, with our lives revolving around the product. As the world continually depends on plastic for everyday life, it’s easy to not think of … Keep Reading

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