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I Am Sweating While Writing This

Image from Wikimedia Commons I am commonly used to hearing “bro that better not be sweat” from many of my friends, and “did you spit on your test” (yes, a teacher at Blue Valley Northwest did ask me that) from … Keep Reading

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Neat Meat

Image from Wikimedia Commons The average American household consumes 58.1 pounds of beef per year, and that number is expected to rise in coming years. The beef industry is costly and pollutive, using 1,800 gallons of water to produce one pound … Keep Reading

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Image from Wikimedia Commons Magic mushrooms have overtime acquired a relatively bad name in the U.S. having been outlawed and deemed a “schedule I” drug  in July of 2005. Drugs coined the term “schedule I” are defined as drugs with … Keep Reading

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Life On Mars? Gets Real

There has always been this great debate among us earthlings as to whether we are alone in the universe or not. Probably not, suggests this recent Smithsonian article detailing the possibility of life in brine pools beneath the Martian surface. … Keep Reading

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Title Requested

Sleep is a phenomenon that is observed across nearly all organisms within the animal kingdom, ranging from mammals to flight-based organisms such as canaries and eagles; this bodily state serves an essential role in the preservation of the body in … Keep Reading

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Undisclosed Reactants

Image from Wikimedia Commons Being a student in high school in today’s culture has shown a widespread increase in vaping usage. The variety of flavors, convenience, along with peer pressure have created an epidemic. With flavors from mango to strawberry … Keep Reading

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Sniff the Bees

Bees are of the most vital and dominant insect pollinators. Unlike most other insects it is more prone to establish a one-to-one pollination system. A one and done system is risky, but it guarantees that all of the needed pollen … Keep Reading

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If You Don’t Have It, Print It!

Image from Wikimedia Commons A huge breakthrough that we have in technology today is 3D printing. You can print almost anything now a days for example, mechanical parts, prosthetics, electronics, food, even a spare key for those of you out … Keep Reading

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Sleeping is in Our Genes

From the bears hibernating up in the mountains to the ants snoozing under rocks to humans curled up in fluffy beds, sleep connects us all because we need sleep to survive and function. Doctors recommend that humans get an average … Keep Reading

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A Breakthrough in Photosynthesis

Recently in class, we have started talking in depth about the process of photosynthesis in plants. Photosynthesis is the process in which photosynthetic organisms such as plants and some other types of living organisms capture light energy from the sun … Keep Reading

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Supplements, Supplements, Supplements!

Image from Wikimedia Commons Walking through the grocery store, you will surely pass the pharmaceutical section. Looking down the aisle, you will see a variety of pills with various names. Fellow shoppers are adding immunization pills, vitamin pills, B12 pills, … Keep Reading

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It’s Bath Time!

Being an athlete myself, and knowing many more, I know firsthand how hard sports can be on one’s body. All of the pounding on the joints and the strain on the muscles can eventually end careers if one does not … Keep Reading

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Double Trouble!

As the most abundant snakes in North America and with venom that rarely has lethal effects on humans, copperheads may be a bit alarming to spot slithering down the sidewalk; however they are nothing out of the ordinary. Their unmarked … Keep Reading

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Anti Antibiotics

Antibiotics save millions of lives and are one of humanity’s greatest discoveries. They have made sicknesses that were once surely fatal to an ailment with a quick fix with no downsides. It’s almost as if it sounds too good to … Keep Reading

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