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Why Fish Are Unstoppable

Fish are a common sight for people who live close to almost any form of water body. People have gotten so used to the idea that if you see a sizable body of water then it is likely a habitat … Keep Reading

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One Small Step for Babies. One Giant Leap for Baby-Kind.

(But imagine Neil Armstrong saying it.) It started with mice. Six years ago, Mitinori Saitou of Kyoto University reported that his team was able to successfully manufacture baby mice. By manufacture I mean that the scientists developed functional sperm and … Keep Reading

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Otter You Waiting For! Help Me!!

When you go to the zoo, one of the most exciting things to see are the sea otters. Their cool tricks that make them so special are some of the reasons why so many people watch them. Sea otters are … Keep Reading

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Cancer is “Ruff”

Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in our body. The scheduled cellular process of apoptosis and other checks on cellular growth stop functioning, leading to uncontrolled growth. Per year, there are an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer in … Keep Reading

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Let’s BEE Honest!

I am personally scared of bees, along with a large number of people. There is always a possibility that they could sting you and man that hurts! However, bees honestly are not too scary, in fact they are helpful. Meloe … Keep Reading

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Sea Turtles Need Our Help!

Image from Wikimedia Commons I like turtles and I’m sure you like turtles as well. How can you not? Turtles are marine reptiles that have been around for millions of years. They have even been around since the time of … Keep Reading

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Britain’s Chewing Gum Crisis

Image from Wikimedia Commons Each year, Britons will consume over 935 million packs of gum, which is close to one billion pounds of gum. A significant portion of these packs of gum will end up in sticky lumps on public … Keep Reading

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Well Wood You Look at That!

Red-bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus) Image from Wikimedia Commons The other day I went on a walk on a trail that loops in and around my neighborhood. The trail’s point was to get the community to enjoy the outdoors so it … Keep Reading

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Another Virus? I’m so ZIKA it!

Image from Wikimedia Commons The Zika Virus is another widespread disease that is known to be the cause of many deaths in many continents. Some of these include South America, North America and Asia. This accounts for quite the number … Keep Reading

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New Methods of Fighting Ebola

On August 1st, 2018 the Democratic Republic of the Congo declared a new outbreak of Ebola, the very disease that ravaged West Africa back in 2014. 2014 was by far the deadliest Ebola outbreak ever, killing more than 11,000 people. … Keep Reading

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Survival of the Laziest?

Survival of the fittest is something we hear quite often; however, laziness may just be an effective way of survival. According to research found by the University of Kansas, higher metabolisms are often linked to a higher rate of extinction … Keep Reading

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Can Proteins Battle Cancer?

Cancer refers to any disease that is characterized by the development of abnormal cellular growth, which can lead to the destruction of body tissues. This is a common disease that affects thousands of people each year, but is there a … Keep Reading

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Happy Kid, Happy Life!

If given the choice between interacting with a happy, smiling person and a sad or angry person, which would the common human prefer? Now take this to the next level and rather than people, think goats. Yes, I said goats!

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Into Deeper Waters

The concept and importance of water is a topic that has been discussed in every science class that I have taken for as long as I can remember, however I find myself learning new levels of meaning every time I … Keep Reading

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Hold Your Horses and Stop Foaling Around!

Image from Wikimedia Commons We know cats are content when they purr just like a singing bird reflects it happiness. Horses display their happiness… by a snort? A new study shows that this is a strong possibility. The journal PLOS … Keep Reading

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