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How Stress is Impacting Your Health

As finals draw closer and closer for most high school students, there is one thing plaguing them all, stress. Some may believe that stress is perfectly fine in life, but that is not the case. Prolonged exposure to levels of … Keep Reading

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Alligator and Otter Become Friends! How Cute!

The most fascinating happenings in our current social settings are based on unusual animal behavior- related to ecology. An article by the Science Daily discusses odd behaviors of Alligator sightings at the beach and a strong possibility of nearly-extinct species … Keep Reading

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The Impressive Periwinkle

The cure for cancer has always been a heavily researched topic. Countless of researchers have attempted to find this seemingly impossible cure. After 15 years of research, Professor Sarah O’Connor at the John Innes Centre have taken one more crucial … Keep Reading

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Whale, Would You Look at That!

If you are hard of hearing and still want to track whales, then there may be hope for you. Researchers have found ways to detect “environmental DNA” in places that whales have for a maximum period of two hours after … Keep Reading

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How Does The Human Brain Work?

The topic of neurons, which are the primary signaling nerve cells that transfer information within the body, appears in our lesson in biology. The human brain contains around 100 billion neurons.  So how does our brain work? Being aware of … Keep Reading

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Why Koalas are Such Picky Eaters?

We all have our favorite food, but favorite food is an understatement when it comes to koalas and their love and dependency on eucalyptus leaves. Koalas have evolved to have an exclusive diet of eucalyptus leaves over time. Not only … Keep Reading

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CTE: The Ultimate Gamble

Image from Wikimedia Commons Thanks to the media and quickly growing modern medicine, concussions and their dangers are taken more seriously now than ever. In my personal past, I have had four fairly major concussions, which still affect me today. … Keep Reading

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Could There Be a Planet of the Apes ?

With the recent success of the Planet of the Apes franchise, a film about super intelligent chimps who form their own society. A common question is asked every time a new film comes out. Could there really be a planet … Keep Reading

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Diabetes Blog Carnival

Coming from a family affected by diabetes, it has always been a fairly familiar topic to me. I decided to create this blog about diabetes after realizing there is so much to learn about this common disease.

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Can You Grow Brain Cells On Your Skin?

In the world of medicine today, transplants and artificial implants are commonplace to treat the injury or dysfunction of aging tissue. But, these procedures come with many risks. For one, the donor organ that a patient receives could be rejected … Keep Reading

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