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Leave Your Jacket at Home

A topic that we have been discussing in class is different cycles that occur in the Earth’s ecosystems like the water cycle and the nitrogen cycle. But it is the carbon cycle that caught my interest, as in today’s society, … Keep Reading

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Wrap Your Head Around This

Recently scientists have created a 3D digital image of a cow skull dating between 3400 and 3000 B.C.. They are primarily interested in a puncture on the forehead of the cow skull. Scientists believe that the puncture may be signs … Keep Reading

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Whoops! I Saved the World.

We have all heard the same fact many times whether it be in a middle school science class or an advertising campaign on TV. Some plastics take about 1000 years to decompose completely. We hear this fact so often because … Keep Reading

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Can You See the Resemblance?

A new species of mammal was recently discovered in the remote desert of western Africa and inhabits the ancient volcanic formation in Namibia. Scientists have given it the name of Macroscelides Micus. The mammal resembles a small mouse in appearance … Keep Reading

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Are Artificial Peptides the Key to Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria?

Antibiotics. They are the only cure for countless infectious diseases. The ability of antibiotics to cure these diseases has led to the wide misconception that they are ‘miracle drugs’ and possess properties beyond their intended pharmaceutical function. This notion has … Keep Reading

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Flat-earthism continues to thrive in fringe thought. It is easy to argue against a flat earth theorist using science. The main body of evidence against a flat Earth theory comes from physics and astronomy. However, can a flat-earther be debunked … Keep Reading

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Can the Northern Right Atlantic Whales Survive?

Many of us might not have ever heard of this species of whale, but they are one of the most endangered species on the planet. These whales reside on the Atlantic coast of North America, and are endangered due to … Keep Reading

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The Common Beetle

Rove Beetle (Staphylinidae)Image from Wikimedia Commons This whole year, the theory of evolution has been a huge part of the AP Biology course. The concept has become especially prevalent over the past few weeks as we enter our unit on … Keep Reading

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Can You Keep a Wolf as a Pet?

Dogs have been household pets and helpers for centuries now, with dogs being used to help with hunting in early human civilizations and eventually being bred specifically for the purpose of keeping domesticated pets. While dogs are very common and … Keep Reading

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Why Are Sloths So Slow?

There are many animals in this world, each unique with their own characteristics and talents. Some, like cheetahs, are fast, while some, like sloths, are slow. One can easily infer that fast animals need their speed for hunting or running … Keep Reading

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How a Man Becomes His Son’s Uncle

In a normal, happy family in Washington, the wife and the husband have a son together through the help of fertility clinic procedures. However, the child’s blood matches neither of the parent, so they decided to take a paternity test … Keep Reading

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Stop and Laugh for a Minute

We all make jokes and laugh daily, but did you know you’re doing yourself a favor? Constant laughter helps improve….

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Bach To Basics – Everyday Biology: Music

How does music affect the human brain? It has been said that music boosts your brain power, health, and also heighten your activity at any age. This can happen just by listening to music, however it can be even more … Keep Reading

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Beluga Whales

Beluga whales are whales classified by their white skin and lack of a dorsal fin. They primarily live in ice-covered areas in the arctic and subarctic located near the shores of Russia, Canada, Norway, Greenland, and the United States. These … Keep Reading

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Is a Platypus a Good Pet?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Platypuses, also known as Ornithorhynchus anatinus to the scientific world, are interesting creatures. From being cute and cuddly platypus babies, to larger platypus agents named Perry as seen in the popular TV show Phineas and Ferb, … Keep Reading

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