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Let Me Telomerase You About Immortality

No, I’m not talking about Ponce de Leon and his Fountain of Youth. Or the ancient Egyptian oils and powders that would help keep the skin well hydrated and protected from the blistering heat of the desert. For hundreds and … Keep Reading

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Got the Brain and the Girl

Image from Wikimedia Commons The cuttlefish are cephalopods, a group that also contains octopuses and squids. Inhabiting tropical oceans, the cuttlefish are considered to be the most intelligent of all invertebrates. With an immensely large brain and amazing skills in … Keep Reading

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North Atlantic Right Whales are Near Extinction Again

First dead North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) of 2018 was found off in Virginia on January 22. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Virginia Monday reported that the whale carcass was found tangled in fishing line. A team … Keep Reading

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Hidden Powers

Mitochondria have been mainly known for their function as the “powerhouse” of the cell. They create energy by taking in nutrients and breaking them down which ultimately creates energy rich molecules for the cell. Certain cells need more mitochondria than … Keep Reading

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The Plankton Game: Win or Die

The swirling ribbon in the center of the image is made up of phytoplankton – microscopic, pigment-filled, photosynthetic organisms.Image from Wikimedia Commons Hold your breath for one second. That is the world without plankton. This is because plankton produces two … Keep Reading

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Oxygenic Photosynthetic Origin: When Did it Really Originate?

Photosynthesis is the biological process that plants use the produce oxygen and it is a process which is crucial to the sustenance of life on Earth. For many years, scientists believed that oxygenic photosynthesis was formed when the atmosphere was … Keep Reading

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AP Biology Exam Review Sessions

Review Session Schedule Wednesday, March 21st 7:00 am – 7:30 am3:15 pm – 4:15 pm Wednesday, March 28th 7:00 am – 7:30 am3:15 pm – 4:15 pm Wednesday, April 4th 7:00 am – 7:30 am3:15 pm – 4:15 pm Wednesday, … Keep Reading

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Flamingos Are Lame! (Said Nobody Ever)

Andean Flamingo (Phoenicoparrus andinus)Image from Wikimedia Commons Flamingos are birds that can be recognized by their pink bodies, and their tall thin legs. An average flamingo adult height ranges from three feet six inches feet to almost four feet nine … Keep Reading

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Are You Feeling Blue?

Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus)Image from Wikimedia Commons The Blue Whale is the largest animal to have ever roamed the Earth. This might come as a surprise, but these whales are not predatory creatures. This is a shocker because you would … Keep Reading

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The “Roots” of Flora Evolution

Image from Wikimedia Commons Unlike many evolutionists’ previous thoughts, flora evolution cannot fully be seen through its change in physical appearance. Make no mistake, flowers have more to their story than what can be seen on the outside. Ranging from … Keep Reading

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More Than Just Genetic Gibberish

In the year 2000, when scientists sequenced the human genome, they discovered that humans had about 20,000 protein-coding genes in their genome, comprising of only about 2% of the total genome. The remaining 98% of the genome was noncoding DNA- … Keep Reading

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Whale What Have We Got Here?

The humpback whale is a species of baleen whale. Adults range in length from 39–52 feet and weigh about 79,000 pounds. They are about the size of a school bus. They are known for their haunting and melodic songs. The … Keep Reading

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Eastern vs. Western: The Competition for Medicinal Superiority

Replace syringes with acupuncture needles, Ibuprofen with herbal medicine, massages with tui na, and yoga with tai chi – you will find yourself with the basics of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The specific practice in the medical field has received … Keep Reading

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Oh the Hu-manatee!

Manatees are considered one of the many organisms that are evidence for evolution. The sea cows (manatees) are not only ancient organisms with many ancestors, but were once believed to be land creatures due to appendages and other bone mutations. … Keep Reading

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Finding the Fun in Biology: Poop Studies

Image from Wikimedia Commons Many different things cover the field of biology. From cellular respiration to macroevolution to anatomy of pigs, many things can be researched and make a living for biologists and scientists. Although many people think of biology … Keep Reading

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