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It’s PumpKIN Season

Right around this time of year, families buy pumpkins and other gourds to start decorating for the fall season. With Halloween right around the corner, many also partake in pumpkin carving. Though I have never managed to successfully carve a … Keep Reading

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Nature vs. Nurture

The ongoing scientific, cultural, and philosophical debate of nature versus nurture produces many arguments. Some believe that nature, which is influenced by genetic inheritance and other biological factors and commonly referred to as “pre-wiring,” is more dominant while others believe … Keep Reading

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Frightening Frequencies, Spooky Sounds, and Petrifying Pitches

To ease ourselves into fall and the spirit of Halloween, we dust off the old thrillers and horror movies that were once owned by our parents and watch them for ourselves. It’s no secret that these movies falling under the … Keep Reading

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The “Beary” Surprising Truth About Hibernation

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, we prepare ourselves for the imminent approach of winter.  My family makes sure to stock up on plenty of sweaters, snow boots, and hot chocolate to do our best to … Keep Reading

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Is Photosynthesis the Future?

In class, a recent topic that we have been studying in class is photosynthesis. After researching further into the topic, I discovered that photosynthesis is actually used to help create more intelligent artificial solar cells which could lead to smaller … Keep Reading

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Factors That Affect Life Expectancy

Recently, scientists have begun to put a larger emphasis on understanding what factors influence the amount of time each individual lives. To do so, scientists study the impacts of DNA and genes on different choices people make in their lives … Keep Reading

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Reality, What’s That?

Schizophrenia is a chronic mental illness that begins to show its symptoms during early adulthood and lasts the rest of the patient’s life. The term ‘schizo’ in Greek means ‘splitting’ and the term ‘phrenia’ means ‘of the mind’, which accurately … Keep Reading

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Don’t Stress TOO Much

You wake up on Monday morning and remember you have a math test that you didn’t study for. Conjointly, you also realize you had an essay to write but you completely forgot to write it in your planner. You’re extremely … Keep Reading

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Mammal Monday – Don’t Be Hippo-critical

Hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius)Image from flickr Hippos may be cute, but don’t let that fool you, they can be very dangerous to humans. They use their large teeth which can be up to twenty inches long and their tusks to fight … Keep Reading

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The Mitochondria is the Powerhouse of… Parkinson’s?

One important topic that we have studied this year in AP Biology is cellular respiration, the process by which living cells create energy, in the form of Adenine Triphosphate (ATP), for their own use. Damage or abnormalities in the mitochondria, … Keep Reading

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Caveman to Renaissance Man. What’s Next?

One of the biggest concepts in biology is evolution, as shown in the textbook, and it all started when Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species over 150 years ago. There is compelling evidence that individuals with favorable traits are … Keep Reading

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Challenging Concept of a Cycle in Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine: Cellular Respiration and Fermentation, although touched upon during Honors Biology in ninth grade, continues to leave mixed emotions within me. Cellular respiration is a metabolic pathway used by plants, animals, and humans to create usable energy called ATP. … Keep Reading

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For Every Cell, There Is a Time to Live and a Time to Die

What is cell suicide? At the cellular level, death is important and vital for life. We have discussed in class about the lipids and the proteins that make up the membranes in cells; and there is one of the membrane … Keep Reading

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Stay Thirsty My Friends

Many people know that water is considered the molecule of life and that every organism needs water to survive. There is a saying that “there is no such thing as too much of a good thing.” However drinking excess amounts … Keep Reading

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Overlapping Classes At Northwest

At BVNW there are many science courses to take. Last year I took anatomy and I remember Ritu, Caleb and other people who were seniors already knew a lot of the difficult concepts we were learning in anatomy. At that … Keep Reading

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