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We Get It…You Vape!

A new habit called vaping, is the act of inhaling and exhaling the water vapor produced by an electric device called vaporizer or e-cigarette. Many millennials find this method of ‘smoking’, fun, they also think it’s safe because they believe … Keep Reading

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Don’t Deny Your DNA: The Significance of the Advancements in DNA Technology

DNA Technology—though a controversial subject in some respects— and advancements to genetic studies overtime has increased tremendously, changing the way we think culturally as a society, and the means in which we go about innovation. From modifying agriculture, and increasing … Keep Reading

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Knowing Your Doctor Can Make You Less Susceptible to Pain

Many people (including myself) do not enjoy visiting their doctor, who frequently pokes and sticks us with sharp and painful objects. We learned this year how a message gets sent between nerves, which are part of our nervous system and … Keep Reading

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What is Autism?

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects normal brain function which ultimately affects a person’s social and verbal skills. Most people with autism have problems with non-verbal communication and social interaction. According to Genomic research, the autism spectrum disorder might … Keep Reading

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Turtley Ignoring the Turtle

Sea Turtles are one of the oldest animals in the sea that play a key role in the marine ecosystem, yet may people do not know that they are endangered. Sea turtles “maintain the health of sea grass beds and … Keep Reading

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I Almost FORGOT to Do This Blog

Amnesic Syndrome (better known as amnesia), is defined as a deficit in memory caused by brain damage, disease, or psychological trauma. Amnesia is a side effect of many fatal diseases such as various cancers, dementia, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It … Keep Reading

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You Can’t Vaccinate Against Ignorance

Vaccines have let to the eradication or reduction of numerous diseases such as Polio, Smallpox, Diphtheria, and Tetanus. Vaccines often include a damaged or weakened version of the microbe, allowing the body to build resistance to the microbe and defend … Keep Reading

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How Do Bird Flocks Move In Unison?

Whether driving on 135th street or taking the dog on a walk, most people have been distracted by a huge dark shadow descending upon them. The birds have come. A huge flock of black birds twist and writhe in the … Keep Reading

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Designer Babies

As our understanding of genetics and the human genome increases, so does our aptitude to improve our species for the future. A current trend that is becoming more and more relevant each day, as well as more debated, is the … Keep Reading

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Is It Good to Sleep Polyphasically?

Polyphasic sleeping has become a habit of mine, and I was wondering what kind of benefits there are to sleeping multiple times during the day instead of just one long period of time. Polyphasic Sleep minimizes sleep time. Sleep can … Keep Reading

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Mammal Monday – The True Apex Predator: Orcinus orca

We see many connections to AP Biology in our daily lives. Especially this chapter of Ecology. Ecology is the study of biology that focuses on the specific niches and relations of organisms in its ecosystem. The easiest thing to think … Keep Reading

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Spectrometer Savior?

As humans have continually used antibiotics to treat various forms of bacteria over the years, the bacteria have gradually adapted to form resistance to said bacteria. A major issue with this for doctors and patients throughout the world is that … Keep Reading

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An Elephant Never Forgets

Everyone has heard about elephants supposed great ability to remember various things. However, many people may not realize how smart elephants actually are in comparison to the rest of the animal kingdom. Elephants are one of the only species of … Keep Reading

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Better Start Sperm Shopping

So I was reading an article from CNN one weekend about designer babies. It seems like nowadays with a few clicks of a mouse you can purchase a scientifically modified baby. Who wouldn’t want the security of knowing they are … Keep Reading

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