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How Your Smart Device Is Affecting Your Sleep

We have all been in that position where we are in bed and have not been able to fall asleep easily. Most of us can admit that we were using our smart phones or laptops right before we to bed. … Keep Reading

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Fighting Cancer with the Tool Available

Using the immune system to fight cancer is hardly a new idea. It is the key element of immunotherapy, a process which, though not useful for everyone, has proven valuable in the process of saving lives, such as that of … Keep Reading

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The Early Birds Really Do Get “The Worm”

Those who feel most energized and wake up early in the morning tend to make healthier food choices throughout the day rather than those who do not (the “sleepyheads”). People who have not had enough sleep lose much of their … Keep Reading

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Give Your Immune System a Rest

With finals nearing, students are beginning to substitute what would usually be sleep-filled nights with study time. Although this may raise your grade a few points, it is important to recognize what else depriving your body of sleep is doing, … Keep Reading

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Depressing Deprivation

As the school year is coming to an end, students are becoming anxious for summer. The relief of summer is near, but the end of the school year is prime time for due dates, tests, and eventually finals. There is … Keep Reading

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The Answer to Life: Spinach

It is obvious that people, in order to function, will need all of their organs to function properly and in harmony. However, some do not carry that privilege. A major problem is today’s society is the rising rate of people … Keep Reading

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Electric (Fish?)

The Electric Eel is one of nature’s most fascinating creatures. Its unique features separate it from all other species of animals above or below water, while simultaneously baffling the scientists studying it every day.

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Shark Attack!

Shark! Get out of the water! Screams of terror as individuals panic and run for their lives. As summer approaches and the sun comes out, families head towards the ocean for the refreshing spray of salt. While it is a … Keep Reading

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Frog Friday – Glow in the Dark Frogs

Polka-dot Tree Frog (Hypsiboas punctatus)Image from Wikimedia Commons Currently there is a team of herpetologists researching the polka-dot tree frog in the Amazon Basin in Santa Fe, Argentina. While the Scientists were doing a routine examination of polka-dot tree frogs … Keep Reading

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New Dinosaur Family Tree

For over 130 years, paleontologists have been researching and working hard to classify dinosaurs. They have analyzed dozens of fossil skeletons and over thousands of anatomical characters. The paleontologists have been able to classify them into two separate groups: Ornithischia … Keep Reading

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What Causes Muscle Soreness?

After a long hard workout often times we experience muscle soreness 24-72 hours after. We were often told the culprit of this was lactic acid. When it builds up it irritates your muscles causing you to be sore. However, researchers … Keep Reading

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Injuries of America’s Favorite Pastime

Well folks, the time is here. The time of stadium food, ecstatic cheering, and religious watching. America’s greatest pass time has reached another season. Baseball is here ladies and gentlemen and so are related injuries. In baseball, there are specific … Keep Reading

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Senioritis Is Rarely Fatal

Overview: What is senioritis? As defined by Merriam-Webster, it is “an ebbing of motivation and effort by school seniors as evidenced by tardiness, absences and lower grades.” Urban Dictionary defines the anomaly as “a crippling disease that strikes high school … Keep Reading

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Climate Change and the Effect on Phytoplankton

In recent years, climate change has been the topic surrounding many topics, from conversations with peers about the intense summer heat to the concern regarding its influence in many political decisions. The rapid heating of the Earth’s temperature has several … Keep Reading

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