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The Emergence of Tuskless Elephants

African Bush Elephant (Loxodonta africana)Image from Wikimedia Commons The African Bush Elephant is the largest and heaviest land animal on earth, weighing up to 10.4 tonnes and reaching heights of 3.96 metres. They are probably the most iconic land mammal … Keep Reading

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Sleeping: A Tiring Scientific Mystery

On average, humans live one third of their life asleep, yet we know so little of why it occurs. The plethora of theories and hypothesis’s regarding the motive behind sleep in humans and how it occurs is largely disputed in … Keep Reading

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The Endosymbiotic Savior

Giant Tube worms are an aquatic worm that lives in some of the harshest of deep sea conditions. They must survive through extreme pressure, lack of light, and very low oxygen. Giant Tube Worms also lack a mouth and a … Keep Reading

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The Evolutionary Significance of Lamprey as they Differentiate from Complex Vertebrates

Image from Wikimedia Commons The lamprey is a unique organism for multiple reasons. For one it has a slimy, eel-like body, however instead of a skeleton made from bone, it is made from cartilage. Having no jaw, the vertebrae are … Keep Reading

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Dating Methods

Throughout history, many wondered the age of the Earth. Luckily over time scientist were able to develop methods of determining the age of the organic and inorganic materials. Using three primary dating methods that are Radiation Measuring, Stratigraphic Superposition, and … Keep Reading

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Strange Ways to Stay Safe

From camouflaging caterpillars to stinky skunks, there are many ways that creatures protect themselves from predators. Not all defense mechanisms, though, are common. These are some animals that have interesting and unique abilities that help them survive.

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Synthesizing Super Cells

As of March 27, 2014, scientists had successfully engineered a synthetic yeast chromosome. They set out to synthesize an entire yeasts genome, and say that it could actually be done in the next five years.

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UNDER the Influence with an ABOVE Average Chance of Heart Disease

According to studies conducted at the Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, using marijuana raises the risk of stroke and heart failure. In the process of legalization for medical and/or recreational use in over half of U.S. states, Aditi Kalla and … Keep Reading

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Giardia: A Dangerous Symbiont

There is a disease that is caused by a parasite called Giardiasis. It’s a damaging symbiotic relationship between a host and a parasite. This parasite is contracted by drinking unsanitary or unpurified water. It lives in those dirty conditions and … Keep Reading

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Even If You Think Global Warming Is Not Real the Money Slowing Draining from Your Wallet Is

If withering and dying ecosystems is not enough for you to care about doing your part to cut your carbon footprint and reduce the effects of global warming, your emptying pocketbook should be. Unfortunately, American consumers are responsible for approximately … Keep Reading

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Science is Art

Many kids in the world have the freedom to explore the world without boundaries; however, in the United States about 14% of kids are born with a disability that labels them “Special Needs.” This label umbrellas a staggering array of … Keep Reading

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Unit 8 Open Exam – Block Day, March 22nd & 23rd

The exam for Unit 8 will take place in class on Wednesday, March 22nd and Thursday, March 23rd. The exam will be open note/textbook and will be administered through Quia. The Unit 8 Guided Reading Questions, the Unit 8 Review … Keep Reading

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1+1+1=1? Three-Parent Babies Now Possible

Most people associate the conception and development of a fetus from a zygote with the traditional knowledge of sperm meeting an egg. However, as of April 2016, scientists have figured a way to create a fetus with a combination of … Keep Reading

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Synthesis of the Classes

I have made multiple connections with what we are learning in Biology to what I have learned and am learning in other classes. These commonalities with Biology range from other science classes I have taken in years past to my … Keep Reading

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