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Bumblebee Soccer

Image from Wikimedia Commons The world’s bumblebee population has famously been on the decline in the past few decades. This brings into question the adaptability of these insects, and a search for reasons why their numbers might be dropping so … Keep Reading

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Stick Insects are Scentimental About Their Mates

Something that we are recently covering in our AP Biology class is the topic of evolution, and we are learning about the many different species and organisms that are now existent in our world. These species have developed through many … Keep Reading

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And You Thought Viruses Were Small!

Only the fraction of the size of a bacteria, viruses are among the smallest pathogenic agents that humans have encountered, but while viruses may seem to be as little as it gets, there is another agent of disease that is … Keep Reading

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Music: Heart and Soul, or Brain?

Music is an integral part of the life of almost every individual. Whether you listen to popular, alternative, or classical, you listen. So what is it about music that transcends our differences and compels us to keep coming back to … Keep Reading

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Something seems fundamentally wrong with teachers who dislike children, veterinarians who hate animals, and people who head institutions they seek to destroy. On a completely unrelated note, the United States Senate confirmed Attorney General of Oklahoma Scott Pruitt to run … Keep Reading

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Unit 7 Online Exam – Due February 27th

The Unit 7 Online Exam is due on Monday, February 27th. The Unit 7 Guided Reading Questions, the "Evolution is REAL Science" videos, Unit 7 Review Videos, the "Evidence of Evolution" Prezi, and the "Speciation and Macroevolution" Prezi  are recommended … Keep Reading

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Hippos of the Sea

The ocean has diverse creatures and to further understand them it helps to compare them to creatures commonly observed on land. Manatees could be considered to be the cows of the ocean, seals are comparable to dogs and hippopotamus may … Keep Reading

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The Scientific and Social Ramifications of Genetically Modifying DNA

Image from Wikimedia Commons Since the beginning of time, it has been the goal of humanity to find ways in which to live longer and healthier. It is a never-ending pursuit of scientists to continue to find ways to combat … Keep Reading

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A Scaly Mammal? The Pangolin

Image from David Brossard | FlickrA ground Pangolin in the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa The Pangolin, often called the “scaly anteater”, is a mammal that it is incredible adapted to its environment. While it may seem like a … Keep Reading

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Concussions Down For NFL, But Not Over

With the recent Super Bowl 51 win by the Patriots, marking the end of the 2017 season, the NFL has some good news: the number of concussions has been reduced by 11.3% as compared to last season (which was a … Keep Reading

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Coral Death

According to the “Impact of Global Warming on Coral Reefs” 60 major episodes of coral bleaching have occurred between 1979 and 1990. However, the 2016 coral bleaching epidemic has been the longest in recorded history. Other episodes tend to correspond … Keep Reading

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Protein-Based Killers

It’s time for a throwback! Do any of you remember that small section in our AP bio book that talked about the existence of pathogenic proteins? If not, allow me to offer a quick refresher. In nature, there are amyloids … Keep Reading

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Flying to Mars? The Twin Experiment That Started It All

In 2014, NASA announced the confirmation of the possibility of past life on Mars. What now is dry and dusty was formerly perhaps a lake, or shallow lakes that were collected by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity. Curiosity also collected evidence … Keep Reading

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Gene Therapy Restoring Hearing in Deaf Mice

Previously in unit 6 of this class, we learned that gene therapy is the “introduction of genes into an afflicted individual for therapeutic processes” (Reece, p. 428). It revolves around the idea that a normal allele of the nonfunctional gene … Keep Reading

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Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a condition where the elbow becomes tender at the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, due to repetitive movements and overuse of the forearm. The lateral epicondyle is a small connection between the radial collateral … Keep Reading

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