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Born Gay?

“I was born gay.” A bold remark that brings changes to this current generation and shares more than just an assertive sense of independence, but a widely accepted belief. Understanding that the concept of homosexuality has been around for centuries … Keep Reading

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Fall Changes

As autumn starts to come full swing, we start to notice numerous changes in our climate here in Kansas. One of the biggest changes we may notice just by looking around outside is the changing of leaf color and the … Keep Reading

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The Plant That Doesn’t Photosynthesize

Image from Wikimedia Commons Scientists have recently discovered a unique species of flowering plant on the coast of the Japanese Kuroshima Island. This plant is rare in that although it has most of the characteristics of a normal flowering plant, … Keep Reading

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Don’t Hold Your Breath

Take a beautiful spring day, sun is shining, birds are chirping, flowers are starting to bloom, the air is crisp; yet you are struggling to breath with an oxygen tank. This feeling of not being able to catch your breath … Keep Reading

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Alcohol and Marijuana: What is Worse?

Alcohol and marijuana have been around for a very long time. Except for a short duration during the prohibition age, alcohol has been legal to drink throughout the United States for anyone twenty-one or older. Marijuana, on the other hand, … Keep Reading

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Stingrays Chewing Like Goats

Chewing has always been thought to be exclusive to mammals, humans included. It is one of the key innovations that has led to their success in surviving. Chewing allows mammals to fuel their warm-blooded (endothermic) metabolism with tough prey that … Keep Reading

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Cross-Curricular Connections with AP Biology

As I go deeper in studying AP Biology, I find strong correlations between this subject and other subjects I have taken in the past throughout high school. The most notable of these is the subject of Chemistry which I found … Keep Reading

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Can Eukaryotes Function Without Mitochondria?

The domain Eukarya is closely associated with the kingdoms Plantae, Animalia, and Fungi, but under the kingdom Protista there are some diverse organisms that do not follow all of the characteristics of the typical eukaryote. The domain Eukarya is known … Keep Reading

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Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

People who are vegetarian do not eat any type of meat. This is mainly for religious or dietary reasons. I have been vegetarian my whole entire life, since I was born in a Hindu family with all my ancestors being … Keep Reading

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Mammal Monday – Wait … There’s Only One Kind of Wolf?

Throughout the world, there are two main species of wolves: the red wolf, Canis lupus, and the gray wolf, Canis rufus. There is also a smaller species that lives in the Ethiopian highlands know as the Canis simensis. Wolves are … Keep Reading

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How Charles Darwin Influenced More Than Just Biology

Image from Wikimedia Commons Everyone knows Charles Darwin. Often coined the father of evolution, Darwin revolutionized the way the world thought, and sent massive ripples throughout the field of scientific thought during the phases of his initial discoveries. His publication, … Keep Reading

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Is Marijuana Bad For You?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Known by many names, marijuana has become the most commonly used illegal substance in the world. Within the US, twenty-four states have already passed legislation allowing some form of legal usage of marijuana. As marijuana continues … Keep Reading

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How Cold Buckets Led to Advancing Research

Image from Wikimedia Commons Many of us remember the ALS ice bucket challenge of 2014; the challenge went viral, and people everywhere became aware of a disease that otherwise would have hid in the shadows.  At the time, I personally … Keep Reading

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Cellf Cannibalism

Image from Wikimedia Commons In class, I learned that cells take in materials through endocytosis, which include phagocytosis, pinocytosis, and receptor-mediated endocytosis. Phagocytosis occurs when a cell devours a particle and stores the material in a food vacuole that fuses … Keep Reading

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