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Similarities Between Sciences

The skills I have learned and the knowledge I have gained from the first few weeks of AP Biology can already be tied to other science classes I have taken in the past. Not only do certain aspects of biology … Keep Reading

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Six of Earth’s Hard-to-Believe-They-Really-Exist Creatures

As of now, there are an estimated 8.7 million species in the world, not all of these identified. With this tremendous number, it’s no surprise that not everyone knows what all of them look like. Some are beautiful. Some are… … Keep Reading

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Aqua”porin” My Heart Into This Blog

Image from Wikimedia Commons In Unit 2 last week, we learned about cellular transport, and the variety of methods different solutes use to pass the selectively-permeable cell membrane. One of these was the use of aquaporins, which are essentially water … Keep Reading

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Can Photosynthesis be More Efficient?

Something we covered recently during Unit 2 was the ability of plant cells to undergo photosynthesis in their chloroplasts. Photosynthesis is the ability for plants to convert light energy into chemical energy, and this energy can be used later to … Keep Reading

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Marine Heatwaves

In the first unit of this class, we learned about the levels of biological organization, and the fact that ecosystems are the 2nd largest out of these 10 levels. This sparked my interest pertaining to the impact of various events … Keep Reading

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Contaminants In Our Water

Contaminants are in the water! Untold consequences are plaguing society. They are so unknown in fact that society has no idea what bad things are happening. “There is fluoride in the water!! The government is using it to control our … Keep Reading

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Parkinson’s Disease Current Event

Imagine looking down at your hands and seeing them shaking uncontrollably. You can’t make them stop, even though you’re not angry or nervous. You try picking up your cell phone, but it falls right through your fingers because you can’t … Keep Reading

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Ocean Acidification and its Affect on Marine Life

Earth is a complex biosphere with multiple ecosystems that work together for there to be life on Earth. However, in recent years, a vital part of the ecosystem, the ocean, has been severely affected by climate change. As a result … Keep Reading

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Death By Latte?

Labor Day was only last week, and already Pumpkin Spice season is in full swing. As Starbucks re-released one of their most popular seasonal drinks, I could not help but wonder one thing: how feasible is death by latte?

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The Making of Mitochondria

In our recent assigned reading (6.3-6.7), I came upon a concept that both answered and multiplied some questions I had over our favorite organelle: the mitochondria. These tiny workshops are well known for being the ‘powerhouse of the cell’, but … Keep Reading

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Superbug!

As humans, we are constantly finding ways to promote longevity by shoving a big red stop sign in front of Death. Every day, someone is fighting against violence, famine, illness, and/or other life-threatening scenarios. However, with an endless stream of … Keep Reading

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Enzymes: The Tiny Machines That Make Life Go

Enzymes are one of the biological macromolecules that enable complex organisms like us to exist. As you probably already know, enzymes are proteins that help to catalyze, or speed up, chemical reactions, but what you may not think about is … Keep Reading

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Scientific Similarities

Because of my interest in science this year I decided to take AP biology as well as anatomy. Little did I know how much these two coursed would overlap as much as they have so far

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Smoking ONLY Causes Cancer, Right?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Wrong! All of our parents tell us, “Don’t smoke it’s bad for you! It can give you cancer” and everyone knows there are thousands of toxic chemicals in cigarettes and cigars. Everyone thinks, you can only … Keep Reading

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Water Potential Problems

If you are interested in trying some additional problems involving water potential, check out these sample questions. After you try them, use this answer key to check your work.   If you still need help, here’s Mr. Anderson to the … Keep Reading

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