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Saving the Coastal Grasses

For many years, different environmental shifts, such as more droughts, melting glaciers, and a rising sea level, have all been indications of climate change. Today, many debates circulate on what should be done, if anything, to solve this worldwide issue. … Keep Reading

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Three Important Terms from Chapter 5

Three terms that troubled me during the course of my reading of chapter 5 included: Cis double bonds in unsaturated fat, the function of polypeptides, and the significance of each of the four principal structures in a protein. Cis double … Keep Reading

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Wait, Condoms Prevent More than Just Syphilis?

Elephants are the largest land animals on Earth. Their growth ranges from 8 to 13 feet from shoulder to toe and possess the potential to weigh up to 14,000 pounds. These large mammals travel in herds led by the females. … Keep Reading

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Science Synthesis

As a sophomore I had revised my four year plan specifically to enable me to take AP Bio and anatomy at the same time because I had heard that they overlap, allowing the student to gain more insight. Even though … Keep Reading

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Baker Concurrent Credit Program Deadline Extended to September 6th!

See the revised enrollment information below:

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