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AP Biology Exam – The Final Review

Saturday, May 7th at 2:00 pm CST: From Mr. Anderson:

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You Can’t Win a Race Against a Cheat-ah

When thinking of the fastest animals that roam the planet naturally a few mammals immediately come to mind such as the cheetahs, lions and wildebeests. But where do humans rank amongst these four-legged speedsters? Before we begin to rank animals … Keep Reading

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No More Organ Donors?

Imagine a world where organ donors were no longer needed and failing organs were an issue of the past. Well that world is soon becoming a reality with the ability to be able to make artificial organs using 3D technology. … Keep Reading

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Protists Can Learn Too

It is common sense to think that without our brains and nervous tissues, we wouldn’t be able to think or for that matter learn. The brain and nervous tissues are crucial parts of the learning process, but can some organisms … Keep Reading

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