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Galapagos Tortoises on the Rebound

A dome-shelled Galápagos giant tortoise, Chelonoidis nigraImage from Wikimedia Commons In the 1700’s when the world was still an unknown place, sailors landed on the Galapagos Islands. But what they did not realize is that although they meant no harm, … Keep Reading

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Mutations of our Genes

As I sat in class attentively listening to a lecture on the replication of DNA in the process of cell division I could not help but think about how this very process, occurring countless times, might be very destroying my … Keep Reading

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Title Not Provided

While some assume that dragons exist only as a fairy tale, or a figment of imagination, komodo dragons are very much a nonfictional creature. Komodo dragons may not have giant wings and be able to soar great distances, or breathe … Keep Reading

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Fruit Fly’s Massive Sperm

We live in a world where males are constantly competing for females. This occurs in almost all organisms because all life has the basic need to reproduce. During this semester of AP Bio, we have learned about how reproduction occurs … Keep Reading

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Born and Bread in Europe

Contrary to common belief, the lower intensity of sunshine didn’t whiten the humans’ skin tone that were migrating north to Europe, it was due to their change in diet. The new settlers switched from being hunter-gathers to farmers. The agriculture … Keep Reading

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The Ob-noxious Johnson Grass

Johnson Grass, Sorghum halepense, is a tall grass that is native to the Mediterranean.  In many regions of the world, including Kansas, it is considered a noxious weed.  This essentially means that it is invasive to Kansas and that it … Keep Reading

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The Significance of Genes

Did you know genes determine your genetic makeup and make the person you are today? Genes are unique in many different ways because there are different types of DNA which you get from both your parents, which makes you a … Keep Reading

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The Biology Behind Goose Bumps

Goose bumps, properly known as the pilomotor reflex, is essentially a temporary change in the skin. The reason goose bumps are called “goose bumps” is because of the little bumps produced on the surface of the skin. This resembles the … Keep Reading

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CRISPR: Revolutionizing the Medical Field

In 1973, the field of biotechnology arose when manipulated DNA was inserted into bacteria by Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen. Since this discovery, the process of gene editing has grown more efficient and has scientists excited about its promise in … Keep Reading

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