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The Significance of Stromatolites

Imagine the world 2.5 billion years ago; Land animals have yet to exist. Multicellular life has yet to exist. True eukaryotes have yet to exist. And yet, the oceans have life. It would not be immediately evident to a viewer, … Keep Reading

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It’s A “Stem”pede!

Stem Cells have the ability to divide uncontrollably, they also however have the ability to differentiate into many other types of cells. Now at first this may seem dangerous to dabble with, as it is known that cells that divide … Keep Reading

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Rat Vision: Surprisingly Similar to Humans

Humans have the best of all possible visual worlds because of the fact that our full stereo vision combines with the primitive visual pathways to quickly spot and react to danger. This was recently discovered in a study by the … Keep Reading

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Can Gene Editing Lead to a Reduction in Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that the world has been trying to fight for a long time. There are many types of cancers, some malignant and some benign. Doctors have attempted to successfully treat cancer numerous ways like chemotherapy and radiation, … Keep Reading

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GMOs and Their Popularity

GMO’s are a large issue today in American agricultural business. Many businesses believe that GMO’s are a significant money maker than can make more products efficiently and inexpensively. Several political issues arrive with many environmental group wanted to ban genetically … Keep Reading

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DNA Discoveries Could Save Millions of Lives

Approximately 1.5 million Americans will experience a stroke or heart attack in the next year. These medical catastrophes take lives quickly. Strokes occur when there is a disruption of blood flow to the brain. Heart attacks proceed when blood is … Keep Reading

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Shedding Light on Bioluminescence

Looking back on your childhood, can you recall catching fireflies on a warm summer night? Or perhaps you saw the movie Finding Nemo and you remember the frightening anglerfish that swam in the dark ocean waters. Different though they seem, … Keep Reading

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Synthetic Organs

The demand for organs for organ transplant surgeries are growing more and more each day. Each day approximately 79 transplant surgeries are happening, while 22 patients die waiting for a donated organ. Currently, more 123,000 patients are in need of … Keep Reading

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Three Terms in AP Biology

The first semester of AP Biology has largely focused on processes within the cell. These small-scale biological processes have a large impact in the study of organisms and their environments. I have chosen three of the most essential terms to … Keep Reading

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The Growth in the Size of Sea Creatures over Time

Over time, sea creatures have grown immensely. According to scientists over the past 542 million years, the average size of sea creatures has been reported to have increased by 150 times. This size difference may not seem like a lot … Keep Reading

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The aMAIZEing GMO vs. Non-GMO

GMO’s have been a topic that many Americans know little to nothing about, but recently efforts have been made nationally to spike the importance of education about GMOs. I have always found the debate of GMO vs. Non-GMO products to … Keep Reading

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Animals Living Forever

I love my pets. They are part of my family, are always loving and comforting, and happy to see me. I, like many other people, believe that my family and I have the perfect dog. He is extremely well behaved, … Keep Reading

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