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Photosynthesis Goes Beyond Plants

We all know that plants are photosynthetic because they can create their own energy by harnessing sunlight through chloroplasts or carotenoids. Well as I went through freshman biology, and now AP Biology, it seems that photosynthesis (the process used by … Keep Reading

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How Plumbing Changed Medicine

Medical practices are always advancing as technology and techniques are improved. As the world becomes more interconnected, and information on any subject can be acquired at the click of a button, medicine has advanced far more recently than ever before. … Keep Reading

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The Science of Respiration

As an aside from the cellular respiration discussed exhaustively in class, I would like to discuss the topic of pulmonary respiration, or breathing. This essential transfer of gasses supplies each cell with the oxygen needed to undergo cellular respiration, and … Keep Reading

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Collective Animal Behavior – A Natural Phenomenon

Image from Wikimedia Commons It was a cool September evening. It had finally began to feel like autumn. I was driving with my windows down, taking in the crisp air, a truly wonderful feeling. The sun was setting soon and … Keep Reading

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Race to Telomerase

The enzyme telomerase is what allows indefinite proliferation of cancer cells. Telomeres are the repetitive DNA sequences at the end of chromosomes and act as protective caps. When cells divide, the telomeres get shorter and shorter until they run out … Keep Reading

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CRPS: New Study Sheds Light On Rare Disease

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, also known as CRPS, is a rare neuro-inflammatory disorder. Silas Mitchell, a physician who treated soldiers with injuries, first documented CRPS during the Civil War. He called it causalgia, Latin for “burning pain”. Since this first … Keep Reading

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How Do They Survive?

Every organism requires energy in order to survive. Energy is acquired for things like cell growth, repair, active transport across cell membranes, reproduction, and synthesis of cellular products. Earth’s surface organisms’ ultimate source of energy is the sun. This has … Keep Reading

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New Discoveries in Sezary Syndrome

The world of science, specifically biology is constantly changing, modifying and discovering. One new and exciting discovery in the world of biology was in the recent researching of SS. Sezary Syndrome is a very aggressive and complicated leukemia of mature … Keep Reading

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Who Says Humans are the “Most Advanced Race?”

Cross River Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla diehli)Image from

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A Dolphin’s Diet: A Precaution for Diabetes?

All our lives, we have been ordered by parents, doctors and nutritionists to avoid any kind of food high in saturated fat or cholesterol. The general concept of those substances is that they are unhealthy and will do no good … Keep Reading

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Nature Fights Back

While some people think that global warming is a sham, most know that it is a serious issue and that the US needs to start making key changes to combat it. Many ill-educated skepticals often make the argument that if … Keep Reading

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If Money Did Grow On Trees, Autumn Would Be the Best Season Ever!

I’ve always been amazed that one of the most beautiful things involves the death of something.

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Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

I was looking for inspiration on the AP Bio blog when I found an opportunity for extra credit Mr. Mohn posted. To earn extra credit you were to pick from a series of lectures held by KSU. One of the … Keep Reading

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The Array of Birthmarks

“Café-au-lait,” “angel kisses,” and “hemangiomas” all share one thing in common. They are all forms of birthmarks.  A birthmark is an abnormality of the skin and is usually present at birth. As a child grows older, a birthmark may fade … Keep Reading

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