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Ground Breaking Revelations

Earthquakes are one of the most devastating natural disasters there are, just for the sheer fact that they are one of the hardest to avoid, cause an absurd amount of damage, and can have aftershocks that come with the earthquake … Keep Reading

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A Step Forward in the War on Cancer

Cancer is a disease involving rapid and abnormal cell growth. The cells undergoing mitosis never get signals to stop (or to undergo apoptosis), so they continue to divide. These cells have the potential to spread to other parts of the … Keep Reading

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A Scarring Lesson

Every time we hurt ourselves, our body goes through the same biological process required to repair our wounds. Although this process makes us healthy again, it never completely restores our bodies back to how they were and often leaves a … Keep Reading

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Folding For Science

This school year I participated in the Kansas Science Olympiad competition and, along with two other Northwest students, competed in the protein modeling event. After this event, my interest in proteins and their structure was heightened, and I delved into … Keep Reading

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Blog Carnival: Don’t Feed the Animals

I have always found animals to be fascinating and from a young age I cared for them deeply. I used to go to zoos all the time and still do as often as I can, but what upsets me the … Keep Reading

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Floods on the Rise

Recently there has been an increase in flooding, and scientists are anticipating future flooding. The storms are predicted to only become more intense and frequent. This is a great concert both for the environment but, also people’s safety and property. … Keep Reading

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AP Biology Exam – Review Resources

Here’s a couple resources you can utilize as you continue to prepare for the AP Biology Exam. If you are studying in a group, try out this Jeopardy! Review Game we played in the review session on Tuesday afternoon.

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Wrestling with Weight

Although the wrestling season ended a couple of months ago the effects of it are still lingering, on the biological level, for some. One thing that the sport of wrestling is infamous for is making its athletes cut weight by … Keep Reading

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Are You Anti Antibiotics?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Penicillin, discovered in 1928 by Alexander Fleming, is known as perhaps one of the most beneficial and extraordinary findings in medical/biological history. This new found drug helped virtually eliminate some of the most harmful bacterial infections … Keep Reading

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The Modern-Day Superpower: Chameleons

Image from Wikimedia Commons This week, the most highly anticipated movie of the year is being released, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The intense action and gifted screenwriters are sure to get people excited, as they satisfy their superhero cravings. … Keep Reading

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