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Sea Stars: Ocean Celebrities

The elegant royal starfish (Astropecten articulates)Image from Wikimedia Commons It lives in the ocean, it is an invertebrate, it has tiny tube feet for locomotion, it is an opportunistic feeder, and it has five or more limbs (if uninjured). Yup, … Keep Reading

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3 Significant Concepts in Biology

Evolution ● Cells are the Basic Unit ● DNA is the Genetic Material These three concepts are part of the fundamental theories in biology. Many of the units we have studied throughout this course connect with these three topics. Each … Keep Reading

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Scientists Get Bored?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Many young kids and adults all go through the mind set of being bored. Whether it’s getting bored and falling asleep in AP Biology or getting bored teaching it. John Eastwood, a psychological scientist, of York … Keep Reading

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The Significance of Ecology

As we are about to start studying ecology, I decided I wanted to learn a little bit about ecology and the environmental issues we are having in our world today. First off, ecology is the scientific study of the relations … Keep Reading

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Overeating Blues?

As exams near and stress piles on, we all begin that annual routine in our lives we love but hate: Stress eating. But this is completely normal, and in some sense, a psychological onset to allow stress to decrease. However, … Keep Reading

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Culinary Cavemen

Primitive, strong browed, and abundantly hairy neanderthals timidly strike two vaguely metallic rocks together, sending a small cascade of sparks onto a nest of dry tinder. Soon the dead leaves, dried moss, or thinly shredded tree bark catches ablaze, and … Keep Reading

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The Hidden Wonders of Pine Tree Reproduction

Pine trees may seem like a man’s worst nightmare. While they can be superb climbing trees, the pesky things secrete sap all over your hands and be near impossible to rid the stickiness. An innocent little pinecone can be just … Keep Reading

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Biology Connections to the Real World

When you hear the word “mushroom,” in association with some sort of video/or game, you would most likely automatically think of Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom. However, This article does not really go over much about Mario and his magical … Keep Reading

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Brontosaurus Obtaining Its Own Identity

Image from Wikimedia Commons For over a century, what we commonly have known to be a Brontosaurus has in fact been labeled as an Apatosaurus. The Brontosaur is an extremely large herbivorous dinosaur that is one of the best known … Keep Reading

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Invertebrates: In the Kitchen!

While learning about the diverse and occasionally grotesque forms of invertebrates in class, it’s often easy to forget about one way in which we are already intimately familiar with many invertebrate phyla: through our diet. While vertebrates such as cows … Keep Reading

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Ebola Blog Carnival

Image from Wikimedia Commons Due to the outbreak of Ebola in Africa last year I wanted to learn more about the deadly virus. This blog is about how it is important to isolate sick ebola victims before they have … Keep Reading

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Secret Life of Plants Videos

Mosses: Ferns: Pines: Flowers:

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Procrastination’s Effect on Health

Procrastination is one of the biggest and most comment problem with our current generation. Almost 75% have said that they would consider themselves to be procrastinators. People sometimes say as long as the work gets done that all that matters, … Keep Reading

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Deadly Viruses Against Deadly Cancer

Ever since viruses were discovered toward the end of the 19th century, scientists scrambled to find ways to treat the diseases viruses caused. Despite that viruses are only 20 nm in diameter, they result in many illnesses which have the … Keep Reading

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