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Fungi Frenzy

Chapter 31 was difficult for me to understand. The concept of the biology of fungi is uncharted territory, personally. Fungi itself is rather complicated, with wide variety of physical differences. The kingdom of fungi has a large diversity and has … Keep Reading

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The Secret to Fighting Parasitic Diseases

Adult deer tick (Ixodes scapularis)Image from Wikimedia Commons Who knew that two parasites are better than just one? In east and central Africa the spread of East Coast fever, a disease of cattle caused by the protozoan parasite Theileria parva, … Keep Reading

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Arthropods: More Like “What Are Those Pods?”

Newly discovered fossils of a giant, extinct sea creature show it had modified legs, gills on its back, and a filter system for feeding — providing key evidence about the early evolution of arthropods. The new animal, named Aegirocassis benmoulae … Keep Reading

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Invasion of the Robotic Limbs

Take a look back to when prosthetics were first introduced, and you’ll find them to be quite cumbersome. Wooden peg legs and metal hook hands – for both war veterans and pirates alike – were the most common forms of … Keep Reading

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Genes That Are “Foreign” in Origin?

According to research published in the journal Genome Biology, many animals, including humans, obtained “foreign” genes from microorganisms that were co-habiting in their environments in olden times. This transfer of genes from organisms living in the same environments is known … Keep Reading

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Are Humans Still Evolving?

Image from Wikimedia Commons While learning about the process of evolution in class, I became interested in researching how the species Homo sapiens evolved over time. Though the classic image of a monkey morphing into a Neanderthal morphing into a … Keep Reading

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The Truth About Tuberculosis

Image from Wikimedia Commons Tuberculosis strikes fear in all of our hearts but many people do not even know what it is or how simple it is to treat. Tuberculosis is a serious infectious disease that affects the lungs. The … Keep Reading

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Fungus on Wheat?

Wheat is a very important part of our diet and our everyday lives. It provides twenty percent of the calories and over twenty-five percent of the protein we use on a daily basis. In the United Kingdom, a recent outbreak … Keep Reading

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A Genetic Advantage?

Imagine if you could select the best traits for your children. Give them a significant advantage in life. Envision being able to have the smartest, most athletic, and most creative child. In 1980, American eugenicist and businessman Robert Klark Graham … Keep Reading

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Learning How Humans Evolved

The discovery of a left mandible in the Afar region of Ethiopia on January 29, 2013 has shed new light on how humans may have evolved millions of years ago. The fossil was found by Chalachew Seyoum, a graduate student … Keep Reading

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Protists: Small Size, Huge Significance

Image from Wikimedia Commons There has been a large array of content that has been given to us over the course of the year, ranging from the makeup of a cell to evolution. It is often easy to become narrow-minded … Keep Reading

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Giant African Snails Take Over Cuba

Image from Wikimedia Commons You would expect to find the Giant African snail well, in Africa since it is part of the name. Recently this is not the case and it’s causing big problems affecting many native species of plants … Keep Reading

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Darwin’s Ideas Today

Over time, species adapt to their surroundings and eventually speciate to form new species. Charles Darwin, founder of the idea of natural selection, described the change that species such as the birds in the Galapagos Islands undertook to adapt to … Keep Reading

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An Enlightening AlteRNAtive to Pesticides

Pesticides have been around ever since the beginning of the first agricultural practices. Used to deter insects and other animals from feasting on crops and lowering yields, pesticides are extremely common today despite various biological and ecological concerns. Some researchers … Keep Reading

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Measles Outbreak

In 2000 measles was declared eliminated, having no outbreaks. Measles is a highly contagious respiratory illness. Each year there are a number of Measles cases, but in the past year there have been two outbreaks leading to about six hundred … Keep Reading

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