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Cross-Curricular Connections

During my first semester of junior year, I have taken two science classes, which are AP Biology, and Anatomy. Anatomy and physiology is the study of the body structure and the functions of the body as a whole, mostly referring … Keep Reading

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Largest Known Cat in the World: The Liger

From the genetic Y chromosome of a lion and the X chromosome of a female tiger a liger was then discovered. This distribution of the chromosomes in ligers gives them a trait of stripes like a tiger and a sociable … Keep Reading

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Going Bananas: Are Bananas Going Extinct?

Did you know that Americans eat more bananas than apples and oranges combined? The banana is the eight most important food crop in the world, an $8.9 billion dollar industry. There are over 1,000 varieties of bananas. However, one variety … Keep Reading

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Monarch or Moses? The King of Migration

Each and every year one of the most impressive and beautiful migration of a species undertakes, the journey often times expanding over 3,000 miles. As the only known migratory butterfly the majestic monarch (Danaus plexippus) is unique and special in … Keep Reading

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The Unknown Circles of Life

As I was passing the soccer fields by Deanna Rose, my mom and I saw each field with a different age group. The one closet to the left was of young children, then elementary/middle schoolers, and finally a recreational high … Keep Reading

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Cat Genome Reveals Clues to Domestication

Humans and cats have shared their lives together for at least the last 9,000 years, yet despite this we still do not know much about how we actually domesticated them. Research was undertaken at Washington University School of Medicine in … Keep Reading

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The Science Behind Clonal Reproduction in Crops

A diagram of the Arabidopsis thalian, or Thale Cress plantImage from Wikimedia Commons In this day and age, technology and science are coming together to bring ideas once thought impossible to life, such as cloning. While cloning the perfect human … Keep Reading

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How Porcupines Better the Medical Field: Biomimicry

Ever seen a dog with his face full of porcupine quills? Ever wondered why the owner cannot remove them himself, but has to take the poor pooch to the vet? The reason behind this is that North American porcupine quills … Keep Reading

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Energy: It’s all Around Us!

Imagine a world with no pollution, no energy bills, and never having to worry about the word “energy” ever again. A world in which future generations breath the purest air imaginable, and global warming will be a term only found … Keep Reading

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Cloning Blog Carnival

I read an article recently about human cloning and I thought it was an intriguing topic. The topic is very new to me so I wanted to find more blogs relating to cloning and create a Blog Carnival: This … Keep Reading

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Prostate Cancer

The most common cancer that occurs in males today is carcinoma of the prostate also known as prostate cancer. Prostate cancer also is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men. The prostate glad is a gland that can … Keep Reading

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Leukemia at Northwest

Image from Wikimedia Commons Leukemia is a very dangerous cancer of the body’s blood forming tissues, including the bone marrow and lymphatic system. This cancer can spread to children and even adults, and the symptoms for having this cancer are … Keep Reading

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The Flu – It’s Viral

As winter approaches, students everywhere are encouraged to get an updated flu vaccine. But why is it so important to be vaccinated? The flu, or influenza, is a common respiratory illness caused by viruses, which means there are no antibiotics … Keep Reading

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How Do Cancer Cells Develop?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Cancer affects numerous lives around the world today, including mine. I have lost my two sisters from leukemia and my mother from breast cancer. For this reason, I have become interested in learning more about cancer … Keep Reading

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Ineffable Will Power- The Story Of Lauren Hill

A few days ago, 19 year guard Lauren Hill of the Mount St.Joseph basketball team hit the first and last layup of their home opening game. It was a sentimental game, because of the outcome. The outcome for the basketball … Keep Reading

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