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Image from Wikimedia Commons Increased heart rate. Hyperventilation. Tense muscles. Clammy hands. Dry mouth. Trembling. Dilated pupils. Goose bumps. Immobility. All are common symptoms of a certain emotion; fear. It’s common knowledge that Halloween and horror movies just naturally go … Keep Reading

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Frankenstein 2.0

Many people donate the organs from the body of their deceased loved ones to help save lives. But how would they feel if that body came back to life, but someone else was inside it? This is, in theory, what … Keep Reading

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Printing Life

Image from Wikimedia Commons In 1984, Chuck Hull invented the technology to create a printer capable of creating three-dimensional objects. During the course of approximately 30 years, this technology evolved to the point where biomedical engineers are now able to … Keep Reading

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Time For a Break From Studying?

Enjoy this video while you study for the Unit 3 Exam.

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The Study of Life: Hypotheses, Experiments and Significance

Why am I in AP Biology? Do I plan to major in biology…no. Do I need more homework in addition to other classes, athletics and other activities…no. The answer to these questions is no because the questions are very upfront, … Keep Reading

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The Truth Behind Our Antibodies

Image from Wikimedia Commons White blood cells (WBCs), also known as leukocytes, are a common topic of conversation when flu season starts. Since they are associated with the immune system, they are linked to fighting diseases and therefore essential for … Keep Reading

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Plants Sunburn

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make glucose for energy. In order for photosynthesis to occur, plants first take in light energy to power the light reactions. The light reactions are used to convert light energy into chemical energy … Keep Reading

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Ebola: Is It Really a Concern?

Image from Wikimedia Commons With a growing threat of Ebola spreading around the world, it is important that all people understand the effects of this virus and the means by which one can contract it. Ebola has become a growing … Keep Reading

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A Rapid Reproduction of Cells

Image from Wikimedia Commons With it being breast cancer awareness month, there has been a lot of extra attention drawn to the condition. Breast cancer is found in the form of a tumor on breast tissue. The tumor is made … Keep Reading

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Global Warming

I would like to start this out by saying that no I am not a hippie, or a tree hugging, animal loving, vegetarian. I say this because I’m about to talk about the ever so controversial, global warming and the … Keep Reading

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A Stepping Stone to Treating an Incurable Disease

Circuits of the basal ganglia in Parkinson’s diseaseImage from Wikimedia Commons Parkinson’s disease is a serious degenerative nerve condition that causes tremors a lack of movement, slowness of movement and problems walking. The disease becomes increasingly disabling with the symptoms … Keep Reading

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Enterovirus 68 Sweeps the Nation

All over our TVs we have been seeing the recent out-breaks of Enterovirus 68 or EV D-68, the rare viral infection that causes symptoms like coughing, wheezing, and low blood oxygen levels. Enterovirus infections are actually really common; the U.S … Keep Reading

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Pig Small Intestine Stimulates Cell Regrowth

All organisms consist of cells and form from preexisting cells. These cells constantly divide to replace dead or damaged cells. Cellular division, or mitosis, allows organisms to replace injured cells as quickly as possible; however, with major wounds, such as … Keep Reading

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Mitochondrial Mutations: Does the Age of a Pregnant Mother Really Affect the Baby’s Genetic Mutations?

Today in the United States, health is one of the biggest concerns upon Americans. When it comes to the birth of a mother’s baby, families hope and pray that the newest member to the family is healthy. It was discovered … Keep Reading

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The Skeleton: Terrifying or Fascinating?

Image from Wikimedia Commons As we approach Halloween, one part of the human anatomy will begin to get more attention than any other: the skeleton! Though often thought of as a passive system in the body, the skeleton is far … Keep Reading

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