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Panamanian Golden Frog

Panamanian Golden Frog (Atelopus zeteki)Image from Wikimedia Commons With over four thousand different types of frogs, it can be easy to forget about which frogs are in dire need of protection, and even harder to determine whether or not the … Keep Reading

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Subtle Killers

Pong Pong Tree (Cerbera odollam)Image from Wikimedia Commons We just recently finished our discussion on plants and their specific characteristics that make them so viable in different environments. Not only do plants need to somehow survive themselves, but they also … Keep Reading

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Do Fainting Goats Really Exist?

We’ve all at one point or another heard about an animal that has a unique trait. For example a horse spends their nighttime sleeping standing up instead of lying down. Have you ever seen a goat just fall over in … Keep Reading

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B. trifoliolata: A New Master of Disguise

There is something deeply fascinating about disguises, especially when the disguises arise from evolutionary roots. Camouflage has proved to be the saving grace of many species that would otherwise be picked out easily, be it a benign frog colored similarly … Keep Reading

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Nematodes? More Like “No-matodes”

Many people have seen their fair share of “creepies” and “nasties”. Well here’s another one. Introducing the parasitic nematode family: Mermithidae. They are also known as “horsehair worms” (thought to have come from horse hairs, even though they don’t). These … Keep Reading

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The Truth Behind the Possum Pass Out

Going down the highway or any main road you can almost always find road kill. Most people are very familiar with possums; they are those unattractive rodent-like marsupials that are most recognizable when they are lying on the side of … Keep Reading

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Boredom Isn’t Boring

Image from Wikimedia Commons I’m bored. I remember saying those words countless times as a kid. A common phrase used by children and teens without their phones, boredom is a strange and unwanted feeling to have. We mainly seem to … Keep Reading

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Attack of the Jelly

Image from Wikimedia Commons It goes without saying that to shut down a reactor at a nuclear power plant, let alone one that supplies almost ten percent of a nation’s energy supply, requires substantial reasoning. However in the past decade, … Keep Reading

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A Dangerous Doggy Diet

Veganism: a diet omitting ALL animal products including honey, milk, eggs, and of course meat. This diet is an ever growing trend in today’s society. My father is an avid vegan and when I was younger he raised me with … Keep Reading

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Endangered Ecosystems

As we finish up these last few weeks of school or, more importantly, the last few weeks of AP Biology, we will be learning about Ecosystems. What is an ecosystem? What is the importance of an ecosystem? As we dive … Keep Reading

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As final exams loom threateningly over Blue Valley Northwest and borderline grades begin to take tolls on the student body’s sanity, the question of how to release stress without paying for yoga classes at Lifetime becomes increasingly valuable. Imminent testing … Keep Reading

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Coolest and Scariest Animal Ever

When asked what someone’s favorite animal is, most people would say: “A cheetah, because it’s fast,” or “A bird because it can fly,” but most people don’t usually say a shrimp. When in reality shrimp are definitely the coolest animals. … Keep Reading

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