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An Unnatural Decline

European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)Image from Wikimedia Commons When most people think of bees, they are horrified. When they think of bee’s, they think of the stings and the noisy buzzing. They should be thinking of how 75% of all … Keep Reading

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A Study on Something I Do Not Remember

All too frequently, people are discovering that a grandparent, parent, elderly relative, or friend can no longer remember names or faces, recognize common objects, or talk in coherent sentences. This person may be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease has … Keep Reading

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Selective Breeding and Its Effects on Farms

For thousands of years, men have always wanted the best of everything. In the times when most people were just simple farmers, they still wanted to have the best products of anyone in their village. To get the most favorable … Keep Reading

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Why Do We Yawn?

Whether I am struggling to keep my eyes open during a long lecture, just trying to do my homework, or even attempting to write my bio-blog, I know I cannot help but to yawn. I am sure I am not … Keep Reading

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The Purrrrrrfect Pet

Domestic Cat (Felis catus) Smart, quick, and fuzzy can describe the Felis catus or as most people know them the domestic house cat. The domestic house cat is the number one pet in the United States. There are over ninety … Keep Reading

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New Discovery Reveals Evolutionary History of Herbivores

Eocasea martiniImage from Wikimedia Commons In this past unit, we have studied evolutionary history in animals to see how we have gotten to the level of diversity we have today. We saw how animals slowly moved from life in the … Keep Reading

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Looking Toward a Sweet Future

The structure of glycogenImage from Wikimedia Commons Standing alone against the Appalachian backdrop of pine trees, a cabin-esque, multi-story structure serves as a simultaneously quiet and bustling center of potential. This building is the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (CCRC) – … Keep Reading

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How Trustworthy are Antidepressants?

In an age of modern science and the media’s constant need to quench its thirst for controversial and shocking headlines, these are difficult times for antidepressants. Researchers have published a number of articles claiming that these drugs are no more … Keep Reading

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Kepler Finds An Almost-Earth

Image from Wikimedia Commons There is one key requirement for life as we know it to exist on a planet: there must be liquid water. Without a proper solvent for molecules to form and move in, the basic building blocks … Keep Reading

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The Perfect Environment to Ace Your APs

As May quickly approaches, we find ourselves overcome with excitement for the end of the year and the onset of summer shenanigans. However, our joyous thoughts are quickly intercepted by the realization that AP Exams and finals begin in a … Keep Reading

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Geneticists are Partial to Chimeras

In 2002, Lydia Fairchild had recently separated with her now ex-partner Jamie Townsend, the father of Lydia’s two children and the third she was currently pregnant with. She applied for welfare support and provided the required DNA evidence, but the … Keep Reading

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Peek a Boo Tortoise

Since we are in the Animal Kingdom right now I thought this topic about the Giant Galapagos tortoise that we thought were extinct would be perfect. The Galapagos Tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra) is the largest living species of tortoise and are … Keep Reading

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The Multi-Legged Star

Image from Wikimedia Commons If any of us have ever gone to a beach, we’ve most likely seen a starfish.  The decently sized animal that has five legs compared to our two.  That’s how all sea stars are pictured.  A … Keep Reading

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Taming the Amygdala

Image from Wikimedia Commons The brain is the superlative powerhouse, an arcane bundle of trillions of infinitesimal, yet invaluable, connections. It is certainly one of the most complex systems in our universe. Thus, with its remarkable intricacy, it should come … Keep Reading

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