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Could global warming bring upon a new age of viral disease the world has never seen before…or seen 30,000 years ago? Some researchers think so. Recently, scientists uncovered the largest megavirus ever found. This virus, which is even larger than … Keep Reading

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The Evolution of Evolution

Image from Wikimedia Commons Although evolution has likely been happening since the advent of life some 3 – 4 billion years ago, life remained relatively simple until 600 million years ago, which even in terms of geological time is an … Keep Reading

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Hidden Superhero Under the Earth

They are under appreciated, they are hidden from the world, and they are something humans label as food. At the same time, however they are called a mold. Fungi, are growing day in and day out and unfortunately, human’s do … Keep Reading

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5 Second Rule: Reality or Myth?

We have all heard of the 5 second rule, which basically states that after you drop a piece of food on the ground, you have five seconds to pick it up, and it will still be safe to eat because … Keep Reading

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What’s Genetics Got to Do with It? The Science Behind Obesity

In 2008, Texan Mayra Rosales was accused of brutally murdering her sister’s son. But this case had a twist—prosecutors claimed that Mayra, who weighed over a thousand pounds, fell on the boy and crushed him under her massive figure. Though … Keep Reading

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Killer Whale (Orcinus orca)Image from Wikimedia Commons SeaWorld has always been known for its orca whales, but the orca whale shows may have to come to a close. On March 7, 2014, Richard Bloom of the California Assembly proposed a … Keep Reading

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Breaking Down the Truth

Image from Wikimedia Commons In the past several years, a new fad has arisen. Becoming eco-friendly and putting the Earth’s issues first is changing people’s viewpoints on how much more we need to do to keep our Earth clean and … Keep Reading

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The Curse of the Holidays’ Sweets

Sorry people, but we all can’t be Santa Clause and handle the midnight milk and cookies. As the holidays begin to vanish away and become part of the past year, the time for summer is getting near. Yes, the idea … Keep Reading

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WannaBEES Risin’ to the Top

Buff-tailed Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) Image from Wikimedia Commons Are you a jealous, devious high-school student who wishes to clamber up the social pecking order and claim your spot as the queen bee of the school? Well, scientists have discovered a … Keep Reading

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Beware of Brain-Eating Amoebas

Add brain-eating amoebas to the top of your list of greatest fears because they are possibly the most dangerous. These parasites are very relevant to our current chapter on the kingdom Protista. The amoebas enter through the nose and consume … Keep Reading

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Big Advantages Come in Small Packages

It is hard to imagine something that cannot even be seen by the unaided eye being able to impact all life on earth in such a big way, and it might also seem farfetched that “fungus,” a term generally associated … Keep Reading

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Why So Serious?

Image from Wikimedia Commons Pick a positive memory. “Something happy enough to conjure a Patronus.” (Harry Potter, anybody?) Take a second to reminisce on a happy time you’ve experienced. Did you grin as you took a trip down memory lane? … Keep Reading

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So Many Dog Breeds

It is so interesting the diversity that we find in the dog breed. We have so many different breeds that differ in so many different ways from the little Yorkie to the giant Mastiff. Then we have the hairless breeds … Keep Reading

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Slime Mold Maze

Is this a plasmodial or cellular slime mold?

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