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Viral Evolution

Evolution may be the greatest discovery found by man. Without the theory of evolution, we may have never been able to know where and how all life came to be as we see it today. As we all know, scientific … Keep Reading

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Intelligence: The Composition and Potential Manipulation of Being “Smart”

Intelligence has, for the longest of times, has been a topic of subjectivity and ambiguity among scientists. Some define in within the academic merit and IQ scores, while others define it as a means of the ability to adapt to … Keep Reading

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One Butterfly Net. One Bicycle. And a Whole Lot of Butterfly DNA!

Red Postman (Heliconius erato)Image from Wikimedia Commons Tobin Hammer of the ecology and evolutionary biology department, armed with a butterfly net and on a mission to catch some Heliconius eratos, headed to a field site in Gamboa, Panama in his … Keep Reading

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Understanding Evolution

Image from Wikimedia Commons Evolution, it’s a concept that is still being debated today; though it is widely accepted by the scientific community. It basically means that all species of life on Earth derived from a common ancestor, which was … Keep Reading

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Bedtime Biology

Some people are able to stay up days at a time and feel no effects of fatigue or drowsiness. Others are able to fall asleep in a moment’s notice. Our eyelids getting heavy, yawning more and more, our body has … Keep Reading

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The Life of SpongeBob Squarepants

Image from Wikimedia Commons As we continue to dive into the topic of evolution, it might be fun to travel back millions of years ago to the first animal who initiated the evolution of animal species. Although it may seem … Keep Reading

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The Darwinner Is…

Conveniently enough, corresponding to our recent topic of study at hand, the important issue of creationism versus evolution was brought back up on February 4th, when Answers in Genesis hosted a debate on the apparently still-controversial topic. Everyone’s favorite bow-tie … Keep Reading

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Five Fingers of Evolution

Here’s a helpful video for remembering the five mechanisms of microevolution. You might find the narrator’s voice to be familiar. Enjoy!

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Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus)Image from Wikimedia Commons Even though this critter does not go around granting wishes, it is still an amazing mammal.

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The Evolution of Broken Hearts

Can a broken heart help us to better understand evolution? Or can evolution possibly help us to better understand broken hearts? Like other warm-blooded animals, we humans expend lots of energy and therefore require lots of oxygen. One of the … Keep Reading

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The Origins of Genetic Code

After our long and laborious genetics unit, we learned that DNA is the most advanced form of genetic material, most likely evolving from RNA. But RNA is much too complex, requiring many enzymes and serving multiple functions, to be considered the … Keep Reading

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Are Humans Still Evolving Today?

Early human artwork from the Chauvet caveImage from Wikimedia Commons While learning about the process of evolution in class, I became interested in researching how species evolve over time, specifically the species Homo sapiens. Though the classic image of a … Keep Reading

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Killer to Kiwi

Gastornis (Gastornis giganteus)Image from Wikimedia Commons Imagine yourself at the dog park walking your new puppy around a serene meadow. The dog sees a butterfly and begins to chase it through the beautiful array of flowers, and you begin to … Keep Reading

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Kansas Underwater

Image from Wikimedia Commons Like people, every fossil on this earth is individualistic and has a story to tell. In fact, Kansas has been the home to some of the most incredible fossil discoveries ever on the face of the … Keep Reading

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Today’s Technology of the Future

While trying to decide on what to write about for this semester’s Bio-Blog, I found a very intriguing article that relates to our current unit very well. It is called “3-D Imaging Provides Window Into Living Cells, No Dye Required” … Keep Reading

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