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Nanoparticles and siRNA: Partners Paving the Way to a Cure

An Argonaute Protein From A. fulgidus,Bound to a Short Double-Stranded RNA FragmentImage from Wikimedia Commons In a unit where we begin to dabble into the intricacies of cancer production, it’s only fitting that I discuss a way in which scientists … Keep Reading

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Just Another Cute Face?

Pygmy Slow Loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus)Image from Wikimedia Commons This may look like just another adorable, harmless face, but beyond that cute face lays a bite toxic enough to cause painful swelling. So, they aren’t that innocent. The Pygmy Slow Loris … Keep Reading

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We are in a generation where looking younger and staying alive is the most important idea on a person’s mind. There is no set death date like they used to have when someone got a disease or disorder. Now scientists … Keep Reading

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Diving Deeper

In the previous chapter, about photosynthesis, we vaguely learned about organisms that lived deep down in the ocean and they get their energy from earth. They make their own food, which makes them autotrophs, though they do this without the … Keep Reading

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Superman of the Sea

Image from Wikimedia Commons What if we were Superman? Not having to worry about death or growing old, simply looking young and vibrant every single day. Essentially we all strive to be in our prime for the longest of times, … Keep Reading

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Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is a topic that is relatively new, but is developing and growing. Genetic engineering techniques allow genetically modified organisms, organisms that have had genetic modification by human beings, to be developed. Modern genetic engineering requires DNA to be … Keep Reading

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Is The Genetic Modification of Food Predominantly Helpful or Harmful?

Genetically modified food is constantly discussed between my sister and the rest of my family. She lives out in Oregon, where “natural” and “going green” is commonly expressed. She has vaguely explained that there are “harmful genetic mutations” in the … Keep Reading

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What’s Up, Doc? : A Look into the Latest Medical Technology

Five years ago, in 2008 (yes, 2008 was that long back), it was a big deal to even own a functioning phone. I clearly remember when we would all discuss the latest slide phone during recess, with our mouths wide … Keep Reading

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The “Sea Canaries”

Beluga Whale (Delphinapterus leucas)Image from Wikimedia Commons No one, myself included, would have ever guessed that beluga whales would be given the nickname of “sea canaries”; however because of their versatility in noises and their intense vocalization, this name seems … Keep Reading

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