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Before the Dinosaurs There Was…?

There is a common misconception that the earth went through three distinct phases in history: it formed, then there were dinosaurs, then we showed up. If you think about it though, this is a bit of an absurd assumption to … Keep Reading

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Almost Jurassic Park

When learning about genetic sequencing and the genome, the most common thought that comes to mind is clones. Cloning is the process in which copies of DNA fragments, cells or organisms are created. When thinking of clones there is only … Keep Reading

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Winged Wednesday – Gobble, Gobble: The Life and Times of the Turkey

Image from Wikimedia Commons As Thanksgiving approaches, I know that the anticipation of full stomachs and post-meal football is the only thing on most Americans’ mind. This anticipation of the feeling following the coveted Turkey Day festivities may overshadow what … Keep Reading

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“Junk Genes” Leading to Cancer

Trash and junk is not the first words that come to your mind when talking about DNA and Genes it usually is your parents because they are the ones who gave you these genes and DNA. Our genes in our … Keep Reading

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Zombie Flu?

Here you are, trapped inside your bedroom with nothing but a can of Cream of Mushrooms soup and a butter knife, while swarms of ravenous, flesh eating zombies congregate in your driveway. How could you have been so dumb? Months … Keep Reading

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Life at the Bottom of the Ocean

Life at the bottom of the Marianas Trench is unlike that of life found anywhere above the earth’s surface and is uniquely interesting in every aspect. At about 6.8 mi (36,069 ft.) deep, the Marianas Trench is considered the deepest … Keep Reading

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Future of Cancer

After our assignment on cancer this past week, I have wanted to know more. Watching this TED talk about Eva’s new discovery my me open my eyes to new sometimes far-fetched ideas are the best one. You don’t get anywhere, … Keep Reading

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Studying to the Aroma of Coffee

In New York City, the lights outshine the streets, the people never sleep and the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee invades the city. Starbucks, The Roasterie, Tim Horton’s, and The Coffee Bean… need I say more? Coffee’s highly addictive … Keep Reading

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Is it Fair to Say We’re All Aliens?

You and seven billion other humans were born and grew up on planet Earth. Earth is where you ate your first birthday cake, went to school, graduated, and experienced everything else in between and so forth. Earth is considered your … Keep Reading

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Vomiting on Video: The Science Behind a Disgusting Pastime

Image from Wikimedia Commons The Internet. Not only is it a great way to stay up to date and connected with school work and professional interests as well as offer a limitless database of resources that can be researched, it … Keep Reading

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Pescetarian Problems

While doing the “Inside Cancer” worksheet this week, I discovered that high consumption of red meat can lead to increased risk of prostate cancer. Why? According to the website, Western society’s diet of high protein and low fibre affects this … Keep Reading

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Infinitesimal Anuran

Paedophryne amauensisImage from Wikimedia Commons Yes, I know. That frog is in fact on a U.S. dime. Scientists have discovered the world’s tiniest known frog species, which also happens to be the smallest vertebrate in existence. Lacking a common name, … Keep Reading

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The iGEM Competition

E. coli that can determine the purity of water, bacteria that change color depending on lighting to form a living photograph – these are not just new technologies being produced by scientists in a laboratory, they are projects made by … Keep Reading

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New Species in the Outback

Earlier in the year, Dr. Hoskin, a professor from James Cook University, and Dr Laman, a National Geographic photographer, collaborated on an expedition to a remote mountain range on Cape York Peninsula in north-eastern Australia. This mountain range, the Melville … Keep Reading

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How Marijuana Affects The Brain

Image from Wikimedia Commons Weed, pot, ganja, bud, reefer, hash, Mary Jane: all names for marijuana, the drug that’s caused hippie movements and sent Taco Bell sales skyrocketing since the 60’s. Pot smokers have a negative reputation for being lazy, … Keep Reading

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