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Bull Sharks. They’re Everywhere.

Image from Wikimedia Commons Fish and sea mammals alike had quite the decision to make when it came time to picking and sticking with a living arrangement. Some lingered towards the highly concentrated salt waters of the sea, while others … Keep Reading

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Sarin, The Silent Killer

Image from Wikimedia Commons On August 21,2013, rockets were launched into the Ghouta area of Damascus, Syria. No physical injuries were sustained, but soon, hundreds of people in that area were dying. The killer? The odorless, colorless, but highly lethal … Keep Reading

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Love and the Body

Image from Wikimedia Commons Although love is a concept usually only linked with the infinity of emotion, there is a finite science behind it. Our brains have a circuit of love—a set of structures that are linked to the symptoms … Keep Reading

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Quantum Brain Dynamics Theory

Image from Wikimedia Commons At some point in our lives, we’ve all wondered why we have a consciousness or how the human brain can retain a personality and memories. It’s a very perplexing question no matter how you look at … Keep Reading

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Let There Be Light!

I recently viewed a very interesting Ted Talk in my anatomy class. It explained that when engaging in the field of surgery medical students memorize and study color-coded diagrams that help them see every part of the organ or body … Keep Reading

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When I was in college at KU, I wrote a research paper for an Evolutionary Biology class about a topic that I found absolutely fascinating. The serial endosymbiosis theory of eukaryotic evolution describes the process by which eukaryotic cells are … Keep Reading

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A Membrane Carnival…Does It Get Much Better?

We have just started to dive into the organelles of different cells and I know, at least for me, that this is a really interesting aspect of biology. I think it’s really neat that these different structures can do their … Keep Reading

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Spiderman in Real Life

Image from Wikimedia Commons When I was reading out of the Biology book, the part about geckos and how they use van der Waals interactions to climb walls interested me. When I read that, I instantly though of Spiderman and … Keep Reading

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Snake Island

Ilha da Queimada Grande Image from Wikimedia Commons The Ilha de Queimada Grande is a beautiful island off the coast of Brazil. Despite its name roughly meaning “The Island of the Big Land-Clearing Fire” in Portuguese, one can still find … Keep Reading

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A Mind Palace of Our Own

Image from Wikimedia Commons Inspired by my unhealthy addiction to BBC’s Sherlock Holmes, I decided to research the brain and its many capabilities. I then stumbled upon an innovative discovery that, quite coincidentally, ties in rather nicely to Mr. Holmes.

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The Real Buzz about Energy Drinks

Image from Wikimedia Commons One girl, one night, one mission – To create the ultimate bio-blog with the duty of her utmost quality of work. But unfortunately, her fate seems to be sealed as the wee hours of the sinister … Keep Reading

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CD-47 Antibody

The war against cancer has been a long and arduous one. However, scientists have managed to move a few promising steps closer. In laboratory tests, scientists have managed to shrink/eliminate tumors of numerous different types of cancers in mice. Though … Keep Reading

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Plant-tastic Chemical Signals

During this time of year, I often find boxes and boxes of fruits and vegetables on the kitchen counter as I come home from school. My parents are both avid gardeners, and I often hear them discussing methods in which … Keep Reading

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Biology, Chapter 1

I was piqued by chapter one. I found it very interesting and inspiring. It welcomes us to the scientific study of life. It also provides a framework for understanding biology, ecosystems, cells, species, natural selection and evolution. I enjoyed it … Keep Reading

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Unique Properties of Water

For my blog, I decided to touch upon a subject within our reading. We read and learned about the unique features of water. Water is so unique compared to most other liquids because of these following features: High specific heat … Keep Reading

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