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Death-Defying Mice

One simple idea has created numerous religions, caused mass bloodshed, infatuated the greatest minds of all time, and driven men to the point of insanity: Immortality. Most people, along with their zombie apocalypse scenarios, already have complex theories and moral … Keep Reading

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Parakeets are familiar house pets, but there is more to these cute birds than meets the eye. I have had parakeets for years, but now I can apply the concepts we’ve learned in biology to my fluffy friends. Parakeets (or, … Keep Reading

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An Unprecedented (?) List

On a whim over last winter break, I decided to google “Top Ten Coolest Proteins” to see what the biological world’s top ten coolest proteins are. Alas, I was a disappointed, because I only got directed a bunch of sites … Keep Reading

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Cholera Toxin, Vibrio cholerae’s molecular menace

Cholera is a devastating disease that reached and maintained epidemic proportion throughout much of the 1800’s. Although many infected individuals are asymptomatic or have mild conditions, the symptoms of those with epidemic cholera are extreme diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, dehydration, … Keep Reading

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New WordPress Blog

After nearly nine months of on-and-off work, I have finally got the new WordPress blog up and running. Although things pretty much look the same, the overall functionality of the blog has been improved significantly. All of the previous material … Keep Reading

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