Floods on the Rise

Recently there has been an increase in flooding, and scientists are anticipating future flooding. The storms are predicted to only become more intense and frequent. This is a great concert both for the environment but, also people’s safety and property. In the Pacific Northwest there are many small low-lying cities that can easily be destroyed be major flooding. Unlike the East or South coasts the Northwest coast does not experience hurricanes or major tropical storms. The flooding still causes massive damage, for the coast as each year the flooding increases as water levels increase.

One of the researchers is using hydrology and hydrodynamics which represent boundaries between terrestrial and marine environments to better understand flooding. He is able to use a supercomputer, one of the most powerful computers in the world, to help predict the future flooding. With the computer he is able to calculate future water levels as far as 100 years into the future. This new technology helps scientists predict future storms that can help save lives, and understanding how these storms work to better comprehend them. They have focused on Oregon flooding but, they hope to use this new technology to help other locations prone to flooding. The technology currently can only calculate date for small regions, but the technology keeps advancing and soon will be able to predict wide ranges of area.

Scientist understood that there is a great need now to understand how the storms work as the storms get stronger. Predicting future floods is important as it can help keep people safe but also help protect property as well. Flooding can cause extreme damage to house and business which can weaken the economy in that area. The city tries to provide dunes and sea walls to help protect the people but, if you don’t know the full extent of the storm you can’t be prepared.

Scientists already know that the global warming has a big impact on the water rising, but they have also predicted that waves and tides will also get stronger with time adding to the impact of water surges already. The storms bring substantial wind, waves, and storm surge to small communities along the coast causing extreme damage. Currently in cities along the Northwest coast it’s not alarming to get storms with wave heights as high as 10 meters. Global warming has always been a debatable subject in politics and in the news in the recent years. Many people do not believe it’s a major problem or danger to the environment or human’s health. Scientists have predicted that flooding is only going to increase as time moves on; this can cause serious problems in the future. In a report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change climate scientists detailed how carbon emissions will impact future climate, and in turn sea level rise. These changes in climate will also lead to an increase in extreme storms and flooding in the future. We are slowly causing damage to our planet that will cause long-term effects that we will not be able to control.

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