I Am Sweating While Writing This

I am commonly used to hearing “bro that better not be sweat” from many of my friends, and “did you spit on your test” (yes, a teacher at Blue Valley Northwest did ask me that) from teachers. This is due to how I have a condition known as hyperhidrosis. I always thought that my excessive sweating was a defect only unique to me, and that there was a no true solutions to this obscure disorder, however a new research says otherwise. Studies from the Mayo Clinic have discovered a possible treatment to this mysterious, yet abundant disorder. John Eisenach, M.D., a Mayo Clinic anesthesiologist and the primary author of the clinical review, states that hyperhidrosis has been around for many centuries, yet there still has never been a cure. Dr. Eisenach describes hyperhidrosis as excessive sweating in the primarily in the hands, armpits, or feet, that causes an array of psychological and social effects. Personally, living with hyperhidrosis has been a constant embarrassment that has led to many awkward situations. It is tough for me to do my school work without sweating, and especially when casually shaking hands with someone. Dr. Eisenach, however, has discovered a possible treatment to this “incurable” condition. He explains that the Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) has provided relief to individuals suffering with hyperhidrosis, and is used as an injection to patients, in the underarms. Eisenach emphasizes that this Botox is only used for severe cases of hyperhidrosis. According to Eisenach study, 2.8 percent of the US population suffers with some sort of hyperhidrosis, so relevant treatments is vital to increase the awareness about this unknown condition. Additionally, Eisenach’s study explains how hyperhidrosis affects everyday lives in such a psychologically abusive manner. He highlights how within the brain, there are many receptors that control sweating in connection to body temperature. Most definitions of sweating contribute it to the hot temperatures, and how the bodies’ molecules evaporate to cool down the body. This is in contrast to hyperhidrosis which is specifically caused by a receptor that responds to emotional sweating. This is all based in the sympathetic nervous system, which controls the “fight or flight” system. This is where the adrenaline and tense situation making takes place. For reasons unclear to even Dr. Eisenach, those having hyperhidrosis have this emotional sweating component on “overdrive”, making them constantly sweat, even when they are mildly anxious or tense. This is critical because it shows how for people that have hyperhidrosis, it becomes completely uncontrolled, as their internal emotions take over, and sort of “overreact” to situations with the release of sweat. Eisenach also claims that the effects of hyperhidrosis are most socially debilitating on young adults, like me. Since young adults are in there most social times of their lives, and are meeting new people all the time, the effects of embarrassing sweat problems play a huge factor on how they behave. The psychological damage that occurs with hyperhidrosis is immense, because it forces me and the other eight million folks to change our way of life to accommodate with this problem. Though it may seem like a small and minute condition that has no real impact to others, it definitively plays a big role in day-to-day life. With Mayo Clinic and Dr. Eisenach’s research, there becomes a new way for people to gain relief from this straining condition through Botox surgery. As for me, I am already taking some natural remedies to help me out, and I am hoping that society can become more aware about the problem.

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